Thursday, July 17, 2008

What to wear when meeting potential in-laws

Recently, a friend of mine asked for advice on what she should wear to make a good first impression on her boyfriend's parents. Apparently, his mom is a real dragon lady--protective of her son and difficult to please. Like any proper fashionista, my friend's first thoughts were, What in the world am I going to wear to impress this woman? While brainstorming what she should wear, we nixed the idea of jeans (too casual and common), a dress (too obvious and trying too hard), and anything overly trendy. After some research, I found this Paul & Joe bonsoir blouse with all the elements necessary to impress--a demure mock turtleneck neckline, the swiss polka dot print, the blousy three quarter sleeves. But while these things hint of a sweet, docile young woman, the sheer silk fabric and canary yellow color are super posh. The keyhole and ribbon tie at the nape of the neck are the finishing touches that say--or so we hope--I may be a good girl, but I can also be sexy and don't mess with me. To keep the look youthful and fresh, my friend decided on a pair of white pants and these LD Tuttle cage sandals, just a subtle reminder to show who's boss!

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