Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Discount Spotlight: the blanQuette

What exactly, you may ask, is a blanQuette? Made by a company called Yumi & Laurie, the signature blanQuette is a luxuriously plush, oversized blanket that at first may appear to look like a towel. Measuring 6'6 by 4'9, these blankets are made from 100% certified organic and bamboo fiber materials, and are machine washable--phew! Out of their five collections, I'm a fan of the Laguna, a range of stylishly bright colors like royal purple or fuschia imprinted with a subtle texture. The Furano collection features Asian-inspired designs, while St. Moritz has an exquisite pattern in some beautiful shades, particularly persimmon orange and a rich sky blue. The lightweight blanQuettes can be used for a variety of purposes--while curling up to read a book, watching a movie, lounging by the pool, or stargazing at night. Or just toss it on the sofa as a decorative throw; it's certainly pretty enough to brighten up your home decor!

Order anything off their website for 25% off with code AX389 at checkout.

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