Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How to wear a ballet-inspired look

After watching the movie Center Stage for the millionth time, I decided to put together a ballet-inspired outfit in the hopes of conveying that ballerina gracefulness. While we can't stroll around in leotards and tutus, there are certain elements of a ballet uniform that are always appropriate for everyday wear.

The centerpiece of this look should be a floaty ballerina skirt, which is why I settled upon this Comme Des Garcons pleated skirt. The ballerina effect won't be as obvious with the subtle navy color, but the length and sheer texture of the skirt is perfect! The next step is to wear a body-hugging tank top tucked into the skirt. The key? A tight fit that simply molds to your body, such as American Apparel's cotton spandex jersey tank thong. Get it in the same color as the skirt, and you're guaranteed to elongate your limbs and create a slender silhouette. Top it off--of course!--with beautiful ballet flats and a slip beneath the skirt to hide its sheerness. Do a few pirouettes, and hopefully, you'll have captured that feminine elegance which is such a great part of a prima ballerina's appeal.

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