Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Globetrotting in style

One of my biggest passions is traveling...whenever I get the chance, wherever I can go, as often as possible. While I've been dragging my stuff around in old, battered suitcases, I'd imagine a truly stylish person jet setting around the globe with these luxurious Globe-Trotter Centenary suitcases sold at J.Crew. Globe-Trotter, a British company whose luggage has been used by royalty and other famous people (Churchill used their 18" attache!) since 1897, handcrafts its Centenary collection with Vulcan Fibre®. Whatever it is, the lightweight fabric can withstand the weight of an elephant...and all the rigors of travel! In streamlined black with elegant leather trim and straps, this extra-deep suitcase comes with wheels and possesses exactly the kind of classic sophistication I'd hope for in my ideal luggage. Check out Globe-Trotter's website for their other beautifully crafted collections, such as Cruise and Orient.

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