Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tom Binns neon stone cuff

Do you ever get that overwhelming, all-consuming, burning desire to purchase something that is so pitifully beyond your price range, yet you (almost) don't care due to your total obsession of said object? Welcome to my world. My latest love is this gorgeous cuff, a true work of art, by Tom Binns. With a single neon yellow stone set in a tangle of black crystal and metal floral detail, the cuff comes across as both edgy and elegant. And since statement-making jewelry is becoming a big hit, the bracelet is perfect for the upcoming fall. Unfortunately, its breathtaking $825 price tag is way beyond my budget. Until I hit the jackpot, I suppose I'll console myself with more affordable pieces (Anthropologie offers an intricate cuff made with strands of orange beads).

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