Thursday, July 31, 2008

Affordable & stylish jelly flats

I happily wore jelly flats when I was in the seventh grade, but lately I've noticed that the trend is making a comeback. This time around, I did not embrace it, but after spotting these Melissa gold zig zag jelly flats, I'm sold.

You can hardly tell that these are incredibly affordable $37 jelly shoes. The intricate zig zag pattern shows off a little skin and keeps your feet cool, which is perfect for hot weather. And I'm a big fan of shoes in metallic gold or silver, because they're so eye-catching and pretty much match with anything in your closet. And as you all know, I'm all for wearing flat shoes in favor of heels, so just think how comfortable this pair will be for running errands or rushing to work! If more jelly shoes looked like this, I'd jump on the bandwagon immediately.

Discount Spotlight: A gray T-shirt with a twist

I don't know about you, but I'm always on the lookout for a great T-shirt, the kind that is super casual and comfy but still fashionable. This Byce & Bouji T-shirt comes in soft gray with a scoop neck and cap sleeves. The longer shape and clever twisted overlay, which crosses over one shoulder, elevate the style factor. This is the kind of shirt you could throw on when you're in a rush and get away with. I'd top it off with sleek Oliver Peoples sunglasses (my latest "it" item topping my long list of must-haves) and the perfect worn-in jeans for a relaxed weekend look.

The shirt clocks in at $125 but with a 30% off discount code, you may have money left over for those sweet shades. Enter SHOPBB at checkout to take advantage!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Vest, Again

My fondness for vests is slowly moving toward an obsessive love affair, which is dangerous because now I want every single cute vest I see! This Toki & Nabi waistcoat has a lot of things going on, but they all come together in a look that is preppy, classy, and funky all at the same time. The vest is cream but comes with peek-a-boo pink pinstriped lining, giving it a great layered effect. Note the cool details like silver faux cube buttons and red-stitched buttonholes. The straps and panel at the back are black, which is definitely a marked contrast from the cream/pink color scheme. This vest has that total Kate Moss vibe--just throw it on over jeans and a T-shirt, and you'll achieve the effortlessly stylish look that the supermodel is so famous for!

A zipper rosette shoe

As if Gwen Stefani couldn't get any hotter, I just discovered this zip rose sling back pump by L.A.M.B. Yeah, you heard right. Look closely and you'll see the pretty rosette balanced on that shoe is outlined by a zipper, which gives it a very funky, very Gwen rock 'n roll vibe. With a whopping 5" stacked heel, this shoe isn't for everyone, but imagine how amazing this would look paired with the right pants (for me, cropped and form-fitting chinos) or a pencil skirt! I love shoes that have a little character and these satin L.A.M.B. beauties, with their zipper detail and towering heel, scream of self-confidence and spunk--just what every woman needs! These will set you back just over $315, but hey, who ever said that money can't buy you assurance?

A floaty ballerina dress

Cecilia De Bucourt makes beautiful pieces, and this incredibly exquisite D'Mode dress is one of them. A modern take on the ballerina-on-stage look which we touched upon before, the dress is packed with pretty details like ruffles, layers of chiffon skirt, and different shades of pink and red. The exposed crisscross back is daring and, in my opinion, absolutely stunning--especially if you've got a nice back! The dress is definitely a contender for one of the most delicate and elegant creations I've ever seen. And the way the model is styled--hair pulled back by a sheer headband and smoky eye makeup--meshes well with the whole romantic look.

On Sale: The perfectly proportional dress

Proportion of Blu's slinky silver dress is a simple design that, with the addition of some beautiful jewelry and the right shoes, will give you that chic, minimalist look you've always craved. In lovely, clinging fabric, the dress hugs your curves comfortably, while an asymmetrical raw cut hem balances out the body-conscious silhouette. At $100 even, you'd be hard pressed to find a handcrafted dress (part of the brand's philosophy) that looks as if it were specially tailored for your body. I'm thinking about wearing this, paired with peep toe pumps and the perfect little blazer, to a professional mixer tomorrow night. The combo straddles the line between sexy night out and work-appropriate, making everyone wonder which of the two you really are.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

On Sale: Vivienne Westwood's bondage-inspired top

There's much to love about this black--but totally not basic--top from Vivienne Westwood. What starts out as a plain sweater is pushed to another level with a sash tied around the waist and unique sleeve detailing at the elbow and wrist. The neckband that crosses over at your throat actually goes under your arms and around the back, which strikes me as a very sexy, bondage-inspired element. Apparently, the neckband can be tied into a bow or rearranged in a variety of ways to change up the look. I love the boldness of this top, especially how the V-neckline is accentuated by the criss-crossing neckband. Imagine tucking this shirt into a pair of high-waisted pants for work or playing it lowkey with dark jeans for the weekend.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cecilia De Bucourt's embellished tank

This empire tank by Cecilia De Bucourt starts off with a simple silhouette--a pretty scoop neck, thin straps, a loose and comfortable fit. But the double ribbons which tie into floppy bows at your shoulders are a sweet touch and happen to be adjustable, allowing you to make the neckline as low or high as you wish. And of course, the dazzling rows of studs and coins stitched onto the front take up the style factor several notches. I'd love this top with a gray denim vest, which would serve as an interesting layer over the embellished tank.

The best gift for a baker

Now that I've picked up a few things to decorate my place, I'm starting to focus more on kitchenware. Since I love to bake and receive visitors, this S-XL cake pan is the ideal tool for entertaining guests! The silicon cake mold creates fifteen slices of varying sizes, so guests can choose whether they want a large, medium, or small piece. You won't have to slice up freshly baked cakes according to the whims of your guests; this way, the slices are pre-made and dieters can choose the thinnest slices while dessert lovers go for monster pieces! This innovative piece of kitchenware would also make a great gift for your friends who love to bake.

Comfortable and colorful: Purple wedge flats

Most people know me as a flats girl. I rarely walk around in high heels unless I need to dress up for an event because I'm too at ease schlepping around in flats. These Les Prairies de Paris suede shoes offer an interesting but still comfortable alternative--a wedge slip-on in colorful violet suede with a peep toe and thick band. The 3/4" stacked heel is tolerable for walking around in, while the vibrant notice-me-now color is such a refreshing shade for a shoe. I've also grown a tad bored with the basic ballet flat silhouette that is so common now! Les Prairies de Paris offers an adorable and chic version of the flat that's perfect with a romantic blouse and high waisted shorts.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On Sale: Gold Hawk's embroidered dress

At a quick glance, this Gold Hawk frock may seem like a simple brown tank dress, very ordinary and not terribly exciting. But you've simply got to visit the ami ami website to get a closer look at the intricate, flowered embroidery that travels down the length of the dress and decorates the hem. In mocha brown silk, the tank dress silhouette is both unfussy and modest, yet retains a vintage-inspired feel with the beautiful embroidery. Wear this with one of the braided hairstyles that is so popular nowadays, and finish off the look with chandelier earrings and a stack of glittering bracelets on one wrist.

The statement-making choker

Much like the other breathtaking creations of Tom Binns, this vintage-inspired crystal choker is beautiful enough to make me drain my savings account. As you can see, the necklace isn't perfectly symmetrical: on the left, the stones are attached directly to the chain, but on the right the stones are surrounded by topaz crystals. The unbalanced design is slightly disconcerting, but gives the necklace such an interesting and eye-catching twist. The centerpiece, of course, is a spectacular rectangular amethyst measuring 1" by 3/4". As statement necklaces are measuring up to be a major fall trend, this Tom Binns beauty is perfect for taking out to a party or swanky dinner. The exquisite multisized stones, in a dazzling rainbow of colors such as topaz, gray, green, ruby, emerald, and purple, manage to convey a regal air that is youthful and fresh at the same time.

Forever 21's halter dress

I was excited to stumble upon this sweater knit halter dress, which I don't believe is a copy from another designer's collection, at Forever 21. With the neck tie sash, flattering V-neckline, and ribbed hem, the dress is full of possibilities. I'd try layering it with a shrunken tee underneath (in a neutral white or matching mauve purplish hue), tugging on your skinniest jeans, and tucking those into slouchy boots for a comfortable, lazy Sunday afternoon outfit. Though the material is a blend of cotton and cashmere (not my top pick, as it balls up quite easily), the dress is super versatile for all the seasons and you can't really argue with Forever 21's prices!

Urban Outfitter's Lattice Boots: Yes or No?

These suede lattice boots, exclusive to Urban Outfitters, aren't for everybody, but if you've got the long legs, confidence, and that indescribable je ne sais quoi to pull it off, I'd say go for it! The shoes remind me of Rihanna's totally fierce Balenciaga gladiator boots from a little while back, which she rocked. The boots are a tad elaborate--there's a pattern of geometric cut outs along the sides, metal eyes down the front through which the black laces criss cross, a peep toe, and a low 2-inch heel. Obviously, with shoes this busy you won't want to wear a complicated oufit. I'd suggest your sheerest black tights, denim cut offs, and a simple top in a solid color, perhaps accompanied by a blazer or vest in case of cold weather. No matter what, go for simplicity and keep the focus on your boots. I'm still debating whether or not I should get them...Any thoughts?

Monday, July 21, 2008

On Sale: Lyell's ruffled blouse

This outfit presents an interesting combination--a frilly silk blouse from Lyell tucked into high-waisted shorts. The ruffled collar exudes femininity and frames the neck so prettily, like some modern--and far more wearable--version of those stiff Elizabethan neck ruffles. I like how the drapey silk top is paired with structured denim shorts; it makes for a great contrast. Try tucking it into a pair of Rich & Skinny jeans in one of their eye-popping colors, like Curry or Emerald. I'd polish off the look with a pair of dazzling earrings and sleek updo to show off the ruffled neckline!

The perfect summer cocktail dress

I've mentioned my obsession with Hong Kong-based company Shanghai Tang before, and as I browsed through their online store today, I found yet another reason to love them--this multicolored "pop peony" sequined dress. The silhouette is a basic white tank dress, but every inch of this beauty is smothered in colored sequins. The spangles add a glittery, textured sheen to the dress, almost making the gorgeous rainbow of colors--pink, orange, yellow, black, blue, red--come alive. Can't you see this vibrant creation as a cocktail dress at an outdoors summer party, paired with equally bright shoes and perhaps a subdued clutch so all the colors won't clash? No matter what, you'll be the center of attention in this dress that's sure to bedazzle the rest of the partygoers.

Elijah's take on the maxi dress

My older sister, along with celebs like Lauren Conrad and Angelina Jolie, is fond of long maxi dresses. Even though I hardly wear them, I can see their appeal--cool, summery, and unfussy. I recently came across this Elijah column dress that, while not a conventional maxi dress, still maintains an easy, relaxed fit. In a soft blend of cotton and silk, this creamy white dress is ultra comfortable. The ruched, asymmetrical one shoulder strap in pale blue gives the loose baby doll shape a bit of sass. It's the perfect dress for slipping on when you don't feel like assembling an outfit, but still want to appear effortlessly fashionable!

Kevia's handmade gold band

I'm obsessed with simple yet stunning accessories, particularly when it comes to rings. Kevia's handcrafted gold band has a basic shape and comes with little adornment except for the sparkly bezel set stones in gold vermeil, which is sterling silver dipped in 22K gold. But look closely at how the jeweler meticulously carved this ring to create that rough, hammered looking texture. And note how the edge of the band is slightly uneven and crooked, making this piece all the more charming in my eyes. The beauty of this ring really lies in its simplicity and streamlined shape.

Sewing 101

Wendy Mullin, who founded Built by Wendy in 1991, is known for her wonderfully cute clothes, which include sundresses with pretty lattice cut outs, printed blazers, sweet blouses with peter pan collars. But its her Sew U series of books that intrigues me most. As someone who loved fashion from a young age, I used to dream up and sketch outfits all the time. But I never learned to sew, which is such a useful skill for daily problems (fixing a button or tear) and for fun (sewing my own simple designs). Since Wendy has over 20 years of home sewing experience, I trust that the books will be knowledgeable and beneficial for beginners like me. The books cover the basics of sewing, pattern-making, clothing construction and design. In addition, I'll learn about different fabrics, supplies, and how to customize the clothes. With easy-to-follow instructions and a set of patterns included in the set, I'm hoping the Sew U series can give me a jump start on learning how to sew. Hey, who knows, maybe in ten years I'll have my own burgeoning line!

Friday, July 18, 2008

On Sale: J.Crew's glittery shorts

Lately I've been living in my Citizens of Humanity jean shorts, which are stretchy, comfortable, and most importantly, have a flattering cut. It's got me thinking about the versatility of shorts and how, in southern California at least, you see women getting away with shorts in fancy restaurants or upscale nightclubs. That's one reason why I like J.Crew's glitter dot linen shorts. These shorts are given an upgrade with cute cuffs and scattered gold dots that add a bit of sparkle to the fabric. The natural color means that the shorts match just about anything, and can be dressed down with flats and a tank top or dressed up with a collared blouse and jewelry. My personal tip? I often tuck my shirts into my shorts to better display my waistline, as well as give the outfit a tad more formality. The formula always seems to work!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Elizabeth and James's blazer-and-vest combo

I must have an incredible aptitude for discovering amazing blazers, because yet another beautiful creation, this time by Elizabeth and James, has caught my eye. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have really come up with a great idea! This innovative blazer comes with a notch collar vest stitched inside and six button cuffs. Although the jacket is very menswear-inspired, the fit is carefully tailored for a woman's body, such as the flattering cutaway hem that descends into a longer back and narrow sleeves. A blend of cotton and linen, the blazer is perfect for cool summer nights and works as a layering piece for the fall. I absolutely love its sleek, trendy look--perfect for buttoning up over mini dresses or jeans for an instantly fashionable outfit!

What to wear when meeting potential in-laws

Recently, a friend of mine asked for advice on what she should wear to make a good first impression on her boyfriend's parents. Apparently, his mom is a real dragon lady--protective of her son and difficult to please. Like any proper fashionista, my friend's first thoughts were, What in the world am I going to wear to impress this woman? While brainstorming what she should wear, we nixed the idea of jeans (too casual and common), a dress (too obvious and trying too hard), and anything overly trendy. After some research, I found this Paul & Joe bonsoir blouse with all the elements necessary to impress--a demure mock turtleneck neckline, the swiss polka dot print, the blousy three quarter sleeves. But while these things hint of a sweet, docile young woman, the sheer silk fabric and canary yellow color are super posh. The keyhole and ribbon tie at the nape of the neck are the finishing touches that say--or so we hope--I may be a good girl, but I can also be sexy and don't mess with me. To keep the look youthful and fresh, my friend decided on a pair of white pants and these LD Tuttle cage sandals, just a subtle reminder to show who's boss!

The LBD gone organic

Ever since LBDs have emerged as the go-to dress nowadays, I've been on the lookout for a stunner I can wear to an upcoming cocktail gathering. I don't think I have to look any further after discovering this Bombay dress by Larsen Gray, the vision of designers Nora Caliguri (a former Project Runway contestant) and Rachelyn Porter. Technically, the color of the dress is navy, but after studying the picture closely, I'm pretty sure it's almost as dark as black. The tube dress comes with cuffs slipping off your arms, conveying that much desired aura of careless sexiness. And a thick metallic gold strap crosses over your collarbones and draws attention to your neck and shoulders. But best of all, Larsen Gray is known as a chic and eco-friendly brand. I'm even happier knowing this dress is as organic as my daily breakfast cereal!

Designer Spotlight: Sally Tseng

I've just taken notice of Sally Tseng, a Taiwan-born designer who is known for her use of sharp tailoring throughout her innovative, feminine designs. The Marion dress and Dixon blazer, pictured left, are part of Tseng's fall 2008 collection. The masculine-meets-feminine vibe comes across with this satin tuxedo blazer (love the shiny, rounded lapels!) layered over a belted cowl neck dress. And you can really see the impeccable cut of the Olivia blouse, in my favorite fire engine red color, tucked into Tripper jeans, also from the fall 2008 collection. While you can buy select pieces online, you can also try one of the dozens of boutiques that carry Tseng's line.

Classy and avant-garde work wear

I'm a huge proponent of putting together fun, interesting, yet professional work outfits for the office. For example, this navy sheath dress from Black Halo is bursting with potential. Its demure length and cap sleeves are classy enough for that important work meeting, but slim tailoring and a unique V-neckline hint at high fashion. I love the jagged pleats of cloth at the bust that give this dress a jolt of avant-garde innovation. While the summer heatwave continues, I'll wear this dress simple and unadorned with heels, but come fall, I'm planning on pairing it with stockings (this gorgeous Wolford herringbone style is one of my favorites!) and the perfect fitted blazer.

Leighton's LBD

Looks like all the young celebs are favoring little black dresses nowadays. My favorite Gossip Girl star, Leighton Meester, was spotted at Longchamp's 60th anniversary celebration earlier this week in a form-fitting LBD from BCBG Max Azria. While the high scoop neckline is conservative, Leighton shows off her long (and nicely tanned) legs with a short hemline and hip-hugging silhouette. I combed the BCBG website for her dress, but only came up with this LBD which looks very similar but lacks the sparkly embellishment of Leighton's. The Gossip Girl star shows us how simple and sexy works best with her streamlined LBD, scarlet lips, and black and white Dior pumps.

(Photo credit to Getty Images)

Alice + Olivia's tuxedo blazer

I may have outerwear on the mind, but with so many talented designers introducing their fall collections to stores, it's impossible to avoid the latest influx of gorgeous blazers, like this Alice + Olivia wool tuxedo blazer. The cream with black trim is a wonderfully sharp color contrast, and I love the unique hook-and-eye closures down the front. The stiff stand up collar seems very regal to me, making this blazer an appropriate choice for a formal event. I love the way the model is styled with Alice + Olivia's ombre tee (the gorgeous purple/fuschia colors blend well with white) and satin skinny pants, but I'm also toying with the idea of this blazer with the right LBD and strappy shoes.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Victoria's Secret preppy blazer

I never thought I'd want to buy outerwear from the Victoria's Secret Pink collection, but their new prep blazer is so Gossip Girl and prep school-inspired, I can't help but fall in love. In soft, comfy, almost PJ-like cotton, the two-button blazer comes in gray or navy with sharp contrasting trim. The decorative crest on the front pocket and double stripes on one arm make it so collegiate, and you can easily take the blazer from the bedroom (flannel PJ pants, T-shirt) to the great outdoors (dark jeans, scarf). You can't beat the price at $58...and you will absolutely love how cozy this feels!

Ballet-inspired smock dress

Some people may disagree, but I love this refreshing smock dress by Australian designer Marnie Skillings. Take note of the colorful print across the front depicting ballerinas dancing on a stage, and the top encrusted with colored beads. The short sleeves and demure neckline keep this silk dress casual, but the unique, vintage-y print and heavy beading make it appropriate for evening. Even if you're divided on its fashion appeal, you've got to admit there's something fun, romantic, and totally whimsical about this dress. Plus, it puts a new spin on ballet-inspired outfit.

Handbags of the future

Fashion Week San Diego is approaching, and among the featured designers is luxury handbag company Lust4Luxe. I'm an ardent fan of their pictured Cherokee tote, with its delicately handwoven panels (reminiscent of Bottega Veneta purses), braided straps, and roomy side pockets. Using beautiful Italian leathers, suedes, and patent lambskins, Lust4Luxe offers sophisticated design combined with convenience. For example, every L4L handbag comes with a patented internal lighting system! A blue night light switches on when the bag is opened and illuminates the area so you can easily locate your keys or cell phone. And if you're like me--a million things in your purse, scattered all over the place--you need that function! Talk about fashion forward!

LC's Elizabeth and James LBD

Everyone's favorite reality star, Lauren Conrad of The Hills, showed up to the Intermix exclusive VH1 Rock Honors VIP party a few days ago in a great going-out dress by Elizabeth and James. The tank dress is enhanced by intricate ribbon and cutout detail, while the raw, frayed neckline and hem add an edgy twist. This LBD's silhouette may appear simple, but I love the vintage-inspired sheer netting and ribbons, which give off such a playful, feminine vibe. While Lauren accessorized with black heels, a Chanel clutch (similar to this Chanel-inspired purse), and a long chain necklace, I'm envisioning the dress with a pair of totally crazy shoes, like these fuschia Christian Louboutin wedges. I'd even add a blazer like this metalized Pencey one with a built-in vest to emphasize that funky, rock-and-roll feel!

(Photo credit to Getty Images)

Discount Spotlight: Syla bikinis

While we proved the merit of one-piece suits yesterday, there's much to be said about Syla's boldly patterned bikinis. Created by Sylvie Cachay, who formerly designed for Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria's Secret, the collection reflects her love of the beach lifestyle with sophisticated, high end swimwear. Her bikinis may come with a hefty price tag, but you can't help but fall in love with those striking prints and sexy silhouettes. The color scheme throughout the collection is startlingly unique, using shades like vivid goldenrod yellow, magenta, and eggplant purple. Snatch up some inspiring bikinis at 35% with code LOFT at checkout.

The Brigitte SS08 in Pom Pom Blossoms Sunflower

The Carolina SS08 in Maasai Vibrations Ballet

The Phoebe SS08 Aura Floral Sunflower

Globetrotting in style

One of my biggest passions is traveling...whenever I get the chance, wherever I can go, as often as possible. While I've been dragging my stuff around in old, battered suitcases, I'd imagine a truly stylish person jet setting around the globe with these luxurious Globe-Trotter Centenary suitcases sold at J.Crew. Globe-Trotter, a British company whose luggage has been used by royalty and other famous people (Churchill used their 18" attache!) since 1897, handcrafts its Centenary collection with Vulcan Fibre®. Whatever it is, the lightweight fabric can withstand the weight of an elephant...and all the rigors of travel! In streamlined black with elegant leather trim and straps, this extra-deep suitcase comes with wheels and possesses exactly the kind of classic sophistication I'd hope for in my ideal luggage. Check out Globe-Trotter's website for their other beautifully crafted collections, such as Cruise and Orient.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Discount Spotlight: Pure bliss bedding

Now that I've got candlesticks and bookends for my new place, perhaps it's time to update my bedding as well. The Reece collection from BlissLiving, with its urban pewter gray and persimmon color scheme, has definitely caught my attention. Made of 100% silk dupioni, the Reece collection appears both sleek and elegant, while the orange piping and accents lend a contemporary edge. The design is simple but obviously stylish, and the fact that the duvet set is on sale sweetens the deal.

Get 30% off with code DAILYCANDY at checkout and ease into your stylin' new blankets without any buyer's remorse.

The one-piece made sexy

Who says a one-piece can't be sexy? Urban Outfitters brings us this halter one-piece swimsuit from Lux in a deep navy hue. A band around your waist emphasizes the waistline you've been whittling down all summer and the halter style top draws attention to toned shoulders and arms. But fear not if you haven't been hitting up the gym and don't have the swimsuit-ready body you'd hoped for. This awesome retro style suit offers full coverage, while the plunging V neckline suggests you're not that innocent...

Hafize Ozbudak's sexy gray halter

Like I've mentioned before, gray isn't my favorite shade in the color spectrum. But this Hafize Ozbudak halter, in neutral slate gray, is the perfect blouse to offset all the bright summery colors in my wardrobe right now. Sprinkled throughout with metallic confetti discs for a hint of sparkle, the halter features a key-hole top and delicate ruching. In silk crepe, the top conveys an ethereal quality while remaining trendy (perfect for a Caribbean cruise!) at the same time. The cutout back and ruffles are undeniably sexy if you want to take this out to the dance floor, but if you're hoping to cover up, slip on a shrunken cardigan and call it a night!

Tom Binns neon stone cuff

Do you ever get that overwhelming, all-consuming, burning desire to purchase something that is so pitifully beyond your price range, yet you (almost) don't care due to your total obsession of said object? Welcome to my world. My latest love is this gorgeous cuff, a true work of art, by Tom Binns. With a single neon yellow stone set in a tangle of black crystal and metal floral detail, the cuff comes across as both edgy and elegant. And since statement-making jewelry is becoming a big hit, the bracelet is perfect for the upcoming fall. Unfortunately, its breathtaking $825 price tag is way beyond my budget. Until I hit the jackpot, I suppose I'll console myself with more affordable pieces (Anthropologie offers an intricate cuff made with strands of orange beads).

The sexy librarian blouse

The sexy librarian image is always a classic look to aim for in the workplace, putting a sultry spin on the boring separates you wear to the office. This Nili Lotan blouse is just the ticket to jump start your ladylike style. With the pointed collar and gathered sleeves, the shirt is obviously workplace-worthy; however, the slim fit and smooth ivory silk material are sophisticated, feminine touches. The pretty neck tie can be draped, tied or knotted depending on your preference, but I like it best left loose and hanging, suggesting an indiscreet rendeveous somewhere in the stacks...

Now all you need are glasses and the perfect high waisted, body hugging pencil skirt.

Discount Spotlight: Free shipping at Red Envelope

Since I'll be moving to Los Angeles next week, I decided to do a little shopping in the sale section of for my new pad. I snatched up a pair of these divine loop candlesticks by English designers Black+Blum. I bet these polished chrome loops and twists add such elegance to the dining table, especially when accentuated by flickering candlelight. Each candlestick holds two candles at different heights. I also picked up these adorable quote unquote bookends to hold my sizeable book collection. And finally, in order to get free shipping for an order of $75 or more, I settled upon the cubist vodka set, which keeps shot glasses appropriately frosty and is perfect for entertaining guests!

Get free shipping on your orders of $75 or more when you use the coupon code E9G10A01, valid until September 7, 2008.