Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The statement-making choker

Much like the other breathtaking creations of Tom Binns, this vintage-inspired crystal choker is beautiful enough to make me drain my savings account. As you can see, the necklace isn't perfectly symmetrical: on the left, the stones are attached directly to the chain, but on the right the stones are surrounded by topaz crystals. The unbalanced design is slightly disconcerting, but gives the necklace such an interesting and eye-catching twist. The centerpiece, of course, is a spectacular rectangular amethyst measuring 1" by 3/4". As statement necklaces are measuring up to be a major fall trend, this Tom Binns beauty is perfect for taking out to a party or swanky dinner. The exquisite multisized stones, in a dazzling rainbow of colors such as topaz, gray, green, ruby, emerald, and purple, manage to convey a regal air that is youthful and fresh at the same time.

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