Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Roxy Rocks

The other day I received a Roxy catalog in the mail and was surprised to find myself flipping through it and actually liking some of the clothes! I always thought the brand was aimed at California surfer girls and as I'm not a surfer or particularly athletic at all, I wasn't interested in buying their board shorts or swim gear. But I have to say that Roxy does make some fun, youthful clothes, perfect for a ski trip at Lake Tahoe! Here are some of my favorite looks:

Roxy "Free Falling"-- plaid jacket, dress, boots, and scarf

Roxy "Lucy" -- sweet pea jacket, peppermint sweater, and strawberry-colored jeans

Roxy "Stargazer" -- holly bomber jacket, oryan shorts, suspenders, and boots

Roxy "Strawberry Fields" -- hat, kennedy swing jacket, york top, and wide leg jeans

Roxy "Wonderland" -- snow bunny jacket, kacey tank, hat

The plaid jackets, checkered shirts, big scarves, fur-trimmed hoods, colored jeans and thermal leggings mesh well together for winter. Obviously the shorts and mini dresses aren't really practical for snowboarding up at Tahoe, but perhaps you can slip into them while warming up by the fire.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Headbands Heaven

For fall/winter 2007, I've noticed one emerging trend, and it's headbands. I remember wearing them often as an elementary school kid, and I'm happy they're appearing on the fashion radar again. The most current and stylish headbands now are not the painful, thin, plastic ones I wore in school. Today's headbands are often elaborately patterned and embellished...and rather expensive. But if you're willing to shell out big bucks for a hair accessory, then check out headbands by Stacey Lapidus or 3.1 Phillip Lim, two brands that make some of the most outstanding headbands I've seen thus far. Bonus: Stacey Lapidus is offering free shipping for the holidays until 1/1/2008. These extravagant headbands might make a great stocking stuffer for the ultimate fashionista.

3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Organza Headband with beetle appliqué, $135

3.1 Phillip Lim Pleated Star Headband with Swarovski crystals, $275

Stacey Lapidus Silk and Crystal Headband, $120

Stacey Lapidus Killer Headband, $130

Tasha Jewel Metallic Silk Headband, $64.90

Cara Accessories Veil Wrap with Silk Flower, $58

Stacey Lapidus Silk & Crystal Braided Headband, $100

On the other end of the spectrum, Forever 21 offers super affordable headbands that are just as stylish. I love the idea of wearing a huge, floppy bow in your hair. It's a classy look perfect for fall/winter and a great accessory to pair with your holiday outfits!

Forever 21 Ashley Headband, $2.80

Forever 21 Petite Bow Headband, $2.80

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

LC's Clothing Line

I'm fond of Lauren Conrad from MTV's The Hills--she seems like a sweet girl--but I'm not quite sure if I'm a huge fan of her clothing line. The clothes certainly reflect her personal style--a bit understated, girly, slightly trendy but not over the top. They're wearable, dressed up or down, for dinner parties, nights on the town, brunch with friends. But I'm disappointed because they don't make me super excited in a "I'm-gonna-cash-my-paycheck-right-now" kind of way, and the clothes don't come cheap. For simple clothes with such costly prices, I expect high quality and superior design, and okay, let's be honest, a brand name like Marc Jacobs or Nanette Lepore attached to the label. However, this is L.C.'s first real attempt at designing her own line, so you gotta give her some credit. Who knows? Her designs and style may evolve over time and her next collection might be something really stellar--worth cashing out my paycheck for! Some of my picks from her website:

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My New Love, Saja

My encounter with Saja was purely accidental, the kind that makes me believe it was totally meant to be. I was browsing through some obscure website and came across a photo of a model in a Saja design. I was instantly attracted. After some research, I discovered that Yoo Lee is Saja's designer and that the brand was chosen from among 350 competing lines to be displayed in the Henri Bendel New York front window. There's a Saja flagship store in New York City's Nolita neighborhood (lucky New Yorkers!). For those of us who can't make it out there, Saja is sold at over 300 stores throughout the USA as well as in Puerto Rico, Canada, French West Indies, Spain, England, Ireland, Japan, and Indonesia. I'm still waiting to hear back from a Saja representative who promised me a list of southern California-area boutiques selling Saja. Exciting!

Here are some of my favorites from their Fall 2007 collection. I don't have the prices for all of them, but make sure to check out the Saja website for more. You can special order directly from their New York store if they have the item in stock!

Printed silk chiffon dress, $350
100% Cotton Long Cardigan, $100 (it's also available in Red,
Bright Blue, Dusty Purple, Cream, and Stripe)
Reversible Obi-Belt (Black/Brown), $295

Grey Jumper, $255
Silk Chiffon Sapphire Dress, $370

Two-Button Dress, $245 (also available in dark charcoal
and black)

Beaded Chiffon Top, $370
100% Cotton Turtleneck, $105
Wool Short, $185

Full Length Strapless Chiffon Gown, $525 (available in other
colors as well and in knee length)
Cardigan, $120

I'd be interested in knowing if anybody else has come across Saja, since it's not exactly a household name...yet. If you know of a boutique or store that sells Saja, please let me know!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Perfect Skinny Jean

I've tried them all. I'm a jean fiend. I've bought and worn everything from True Religions to Citizens, Rock & Republic to Joe's. Two months ago, I went and splurged on a pair of jeans from Nordstrom by a new brand I'd never heard of before: Rich & Skinny. The fit is extra skinny and flattering (tip: feel free to size down because they do stretch out a bit), but it's the luxe details that really sweeten the deal-- silk lining along the waistband, signature 'R' embroidery on the back pocket, the smooth supersoft fabric. Rich & Skinny was founded by Michael Glasser, who also co-founded 7 For All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity, and Joie Rucker, founder of Joie (a brand I love). You don't have to be rich or skinny to purchase a pair. The jeans I bought were priced at $189, but I wear them so often they are definitely worth every penny. And the jeans disguise problem areas so well that you won't complain about the price!

Lindsay Lohan in a pair of Rich & Skinny Sleek jeans in silver (other celeb fans reportedly include Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad, and more)

Rich & Skinny Leggy Jean in Pink Grapefruit, $176

Rich & Skinny Sleek Straight Leg Stretch Jeans, $216

Rich & Skinny Godiva Skinny Leg, $180

Rich & Skinny Sleek in Motley Blue, $189

Rich & Skinny Sleek in Ramone Red, $189

Rich & Skinny Sleek in Midnight, $189
This is the pair that I own. It's the most sensible shade, but now I want to start saving up for the fun colors they have, like Emerald, Carmine, Chai, Aquavida, Black Snakey, Curry, Marine Blue, Sari Pink, Saddle, Optic White, and more.

If you have a Nordstrom near you that sells Rich & Skinny, go ahead and try them on. I guarantee you'll love the slimming silhouette. And you'll never be able to return to True Religions or Citizens after slipping into the soft denim fabric of Rich & Skinny! Certain styles of the jeans are discounted on several websites, so keep checking for a good deal.

Some sites that sell Rich & Skinny:
Designs by Stephene, Shop Intuition, Pink Mascara, ShopBop, eLuxury, SeenOn!, Nordstrom

Friday, November 9, 2007

Banana Republic Faves

Years ago, I used to work at Banana Republic in one of their massive, 2-story flagship stores. I started working there during holiday season and the store was busy every single day. On certain days, like Black Friday (after Thanksgiving), we had so many customers that you couldn't walk without hitting somebody or having to elbow and shove your way through the crowd. It was ridiculous. But I can understand why BR has so many loyal customers. Time and again, they come up with great pieces that are versatile, affordable, and trendy. Yes, they also offer plenty of your everyday, humdrum work basics (plain turtlenecks, tank tops, cardigans) but if you browse through the racks or on their online store, there's pretty much something for everyone. I've even scored great accessories (mostly big earrings, which I'm a huge fan of) from BR.

Here are some of my favorite picks from their latest season:

Long-sleeve cashmere argyle crewneck, $168

Cashmere T-shirt dress, $158

Jersey tunic dress, $98

Luxe peacoat, $198

Long-sleeve shawl collar cardigan, $108

Mmm, lots of cashmere, warm sweater dresses, and chic fall style! And to make it all better, use Banana Republic coupon code BRGLAM15 at checkout to save $15 off orders of $100 or more. Hurry, because the code expires on 11/30/2007.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Lorick Lady

I can't help but fall in love with the collection from Abigail Lorick, the designer who creates Eleanor Waldorf's line on the hit show, Gossip Girl. As we all know, Gossip Girl is the new O.C., but with far better fashion. Designer clothes, gorgeous handbags, Chanel coats, and diamond jewelry has replaced the flip-flops, jeans, and tank tops of O.C. And some of the best pieces of all belong to Abigail Lorick. What really interests me in her clothes is her style philosophy: "She is always pulled together and timeless, but still modern. As classic as she may be, she knows she is a rarity in today's rather immodest society and openly celebrates her eccentricities by selecting quirky prints, accessories like gloves, scarves, and suspenders." I completely agree. Hate 'em or love 'em, I've had enough of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and their oftentimes scandalous outfits. I'm all for a more classic, timeless, feminine style that is still youthful and fresh. I think Lorick's collection embodies her philosophy and I can't wait to see more young women wearing clothes like these!

More at: