Tuesday, November 13, 2007

LC's Clothing Line

I'm fond of Lauren Conrad from MTV's The Hills--she seems like a sweet girl--but I'm not quite sure if I'm a huge fan of her clothing line. The clothes certainly reflect her personal style--a bit understated, girly, slightly trendy but not over the top. They're wearable, dressed up or down, for dinner parties, nights on the town, brunch with friends. But I'm disappointed because they don't make me super excited in a "I'm-gonna-cash-my-paycheck-right-now" kind of way, and the clothes don't come cheap. For simple clothes with such costly prices, I expect high quality and superior design, and okay, let's be honest, a brand name like Marc Jacobs or Nanette Lepore attached to the label. However, this is L.C.'s first real attempt at designing her own line, so you gotta give her some credit. Who knows? Her designs and style may evolve over time and her next collection might be something really stellar--worth cashing out my paycheck for! Some of my picks from her website:

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