Friday, September 12, 2008

Street Spotting: Starbucks lady

So a few weekends ago I was exploring Robertson Boulevard and ducked into Starbucks to try their new Vivanno smoothie..mmm. As I was sipping my chocolate banana creation, I spotted an L.A. fashionista in a sheer gray racerback dress which she had accessorized beautifully. She wore a braided belt around her waist, black strappy sandals, a Balenciaga-like bag in a cream-colored print with a scarf tied around its handle, and sleek sunglasses pushing the hair out of her face. She looked so model chic that I snapped a few pics of her as she ordered her coffee. I'm really into her shoes, so I did some poking around on the 'net and found these similar L.A.M.B. T-strap sandals which easily add an edge to any outfit. I also liked how she kept the outfit itself simple, choosing instead to embellish heavily on the accessories. I'll definitely have to take a tip or two from this lady the next time I take a stroll down Robertson Boulevard.

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