Monday, September 15, 2008

Layering for fall

Even though it's still pretty sunny and warm in Los Angeles, the early mornings have started to look gray and overcast, hinting at the impending fall weather. As much as I dislike the rain and cold, fall is the perfect time to experiment with layering. Like the outfit on the left, for example: a pair of dark skinny jeans tucked into slouchy socks and red kitten heels. It's a little out there--inspired from my time in Japan, where it's common for girls to strut around in get-ups like that!--but I think the combination is really cute. And it's just plain old fun to play around with layers like that! You can achieve a similar look with these slouchy leg warmers from HeartsDeesire Vintage Emporium. Just pull 'em on over your tightest jeans and add cute, colorful heels of your choice!

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