Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A rockin' T-shirt

One of the coolest bday gifts I received this year was this awesome "Flamenco Dancer" yellow T-shirt. Christian Audigier of Ed Hardy fame had his daughter Crystal design this collection of 100% organic cotton pieces under the brand Crystal Rock. Only 1,000 of each style will be produced and numbered, making each item unique. There's so many things to appreciate about the T-shirt--its bright color, the bold graphic splashed across the front, and the slightly longer silhouette. I wore it for the first time today paired with a black American Apparel miniskirt and got plenty of admiring stares! The shirt is definitely outstanding and you'll never have to worry about wearing the same thing as somebody else! Since the shirts can easily run over $150, your best bet is to comb eBay and find a sweet deal.

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