Thursday, September 11, 2008

LC's Holiday 2008 collection

I had the chance to attend Lauren Conrad's fashion show as she helped kick off the first ever Style Week at the Irvine Spectrum Center in her hometown of Orange County. She showed off her Holiday 2008 collection--a parade of pretty dresses and separates. I think her clothes have definitely evolved since her earlier collections, but the design aesthetic is still very simple and straightforward. However, I have hope that with more experience, LC will rise to the challenge and garner more respect in the fashion world. Who knows? She is still only in design school, after all...

While the clothes mostly consisted of solid colors like black, gray, cream, purple, and burgundy, this blocky, multicolored print kept popping up on the runway. The more I saw it, the more it grew on me. They used the print in a few high-waisted skirts and cute party frocks.

This model strutted down the runway in skintight black leggings, a black tube top, and an ivory-colored wrap.

She was outfitted in a black tube top, high-waisted tulip skirt with a bow in front, black stockings, and heels--super chic and feminine.

Lauren came out to take her bow when the show was over. Here she is holding a bouquet of flowers from her dad.
The models taking their last walk down the runway. Every single one of them was super tall and leggy! Loved that sunny yellow dress on the model in front.
Lauren at a press conference afterward, looking even more beautiful in person. During the few minutes we spoke, she was a total sweetheart and such a California girl with the tan, the blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing one of her own designs with sky-high black Yves Saint Laurent shoes and a sparkly headband!

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