Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Relating to Rachel

Rachel Zoe's new docudrama, The Rachel Zoe Project, premieres next week and I must say that I'm looking forward to seeing the day-to-day life of a celeb stylist. One of my favorite clients of hers is Nicole Richie--even though apparently they aren't on good terms anymore. I love how Rach helped transform Nicole's fashion sense, and since then, Nicole has seemed to embrace her own style vision and created a signature look. I know there are some anti-or-ambivalent-Zoe fans, but reading some of her quotes made me more partial to her because I can totally relate! For example, my crammed closet is near its bursting point, exploding with tons of clothes and shoes and scarves, purses spilling out everywhere, dresses fighting for room on the rack, hangers vying for a teensy bit of space. But one reason why it's so full is because I still have shirts and skirts in there from all the way back from my high school or yes, junior high, days. Whenever my friends see my closet, they're astounded I have so many clothes. But if you love fashion as much as I do, I usually tell them, you end up collecting a lot of pieces over the years. And as a fashionista, you don't throw things away because you know that trends eventually creep back onto the fashion radar. From now on I'll probably explain using Rachel's approach:
"I haven’t done a count in awhile, but I probably have a bit too much of everything. And that’s not in a sort of extravagant sense as much as it’s from a standpoint of, my rationale is being a collector of things. My vintage collection, and things like that, those are things I can’t ever part with and therefore, it just keeps growing. Instead of getting rid of things and then replacing them, I just keep adding. I am a shopper. I am a collector and I am a shopper, and I can’t really make an excuse for it other than that it’s my art and it’s what I do. And it’s something that in the back of my mind I hope someday my daughter will benefit from, you know what I mean?"

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