Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The anti-cocktail party dress

I love discovering new brands, but the problem with that is I'm also discovering way more beautiful clothes than is possible for me to purchase. When I first discovered april, may! in New York, I knew I'd have to keep my eye open for them. And I'm glad I did, otherwise I'd never have stumbled upon this sleeveless dress in dark navy silk. The interesting straps, the silk-smooth texture, the racerback tank top and elastic strap across the back--the style is ultra modern and trendy, with a little bit of sex appeal thrown in for good measure. This is what I'd wear to a pretentious cocktail party with an older crowd, because the dress--to me, at least--hints that you're effortlessly cool and don't really care what anybody there thinks. If only I could achieve that image with all my clothes, I'd really have the perfect wardrobe right there!

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