Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Signature Accessory: Gold Bracelets

Little known fashion fact about me: From the time I was four up until I was 17 or 18 years old, I used to wear a thin gold bracelet around each wrist. They weren't fancy--just 24k solid bracelets, not very thick--but I wore them every second of the day (even when I was taking a shower or swimming) and literally grew into them. The last few years I wore them, I could not take them off even if I wanted to because my wrists had grown too big for the narrow bracelets. We finally had a jeweler cut the bracelets right off my arms and my mom has them stored away somewhere. But I recently started thinking about how much I loved wearing them because of the story behind it (everyone would ask why I wore these bracelets, and I'd explain how they were a gift from my grandmother) and they were my signature accessory. Now, years later, I'd love to have another pair of signature bracelets--or even cuffs--to wear. I've been perusing Tiffany & Co. for some good options. The crazy Jean Schlumberger twist bracelets are gorgeous but pricey. I like the idea of these modern Etoile bangles with a few diamonds. This classic bracelet is probably closest to the original ones from my childhood. The Elsa Peretti Wave three-row bracelet (pictured) offers a more elaborate twist, while these Frank Gehry Flux cuffs really make a bold statement. I'm completely torn between all these choices, but somehow, I'm sure price will factor into this big time! If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!


Anonymous said...

you'll totally get more use out of the etoile bracelets...i LOVE the heavy flux cuffs of the gehry design..and i think it'll look great and dress up anything you own. but whether you're wearing a t-shirt, or a dress..the etoile will manage to classy-ify it.

but you know me. i like things a little less BAM! for everyday. =)

johnsmith said...

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