Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fluid modern cuffs

I recently blogged about how I'm looking for the right pair of bracelets or cuffs to wear as my signature accessory. While on the hunt for the perfect pair, I came across these modern looking Elizabeth and James bold silver cuffs. I'm such a fan of the line's clothing, so it's easy to translate that love onto the jewelry that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are selling under the line. I mean, take a look at this beauty! The cuff is big and bold, possessing a kind of fluid, organic quality about it, with the cut outs and curved shape. My only gripe is its price, which is a whopping $525 for mere sterling silver! We're not even talking 18k gold here. Apparently, the cuff is sold out on Revolve's website too... and here I thought we were in a recession! For now, I'll just have to admire from afar and scrounge eBay for this lovely creation.

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BlueJeanSparx Melody said...

I'm pretty crafty when it comes to things like this, I make Halloween costumes for my friends and family when costume shops don't carry them or if the costumes don't ven exist, so, If you don't mind wearing a costume piece you can actually make this yourself and I can tell you how and you don't have to utter a word to anyone or say it was hand made.

See how it's round like a bottle, think about cutting a plastic bottle with scissors and an Exacto blade to the right shape and to give your bracelet thickness try applying clear caulk all over and let it dry. It takes a while so be patient, do the other side once the outter side is dry and smoothed with a spoon. Once both sides are dry then take it outside and spray paint it white, then metallic silver, then once that dries you can add silverleaf from a craftstore, that'll really make it look metal, unless one of the store associates has a better product. Good Luck and have fun, now "I want one too :)