Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Discount Spotlight: Lauren Wolf

As I mentioned before, my earrings obsession has continued well into my twenties. However, I am actually quite picky with my earring choices. They must fulfill certain standards in size, shape, color and design, and most importantly, they must have that "it" factor, the special something that makes me sit up and take notice, like these earrings from Lauren Wolf. Wolf studied jewelry design in Mexico and her nature-inspired designs both "complements and commands attention" (as her website puts it). I'd have to agree--the "it" factor in these earrings can't be denied. The blackened silver palm frond earrings, with those jagged, sharp points, have a dazzling strip of 14k green gold down the middle. And Wolf's petal earrings are a casting of stingray skin in silver, with a uniquely mesmerizing shape that reminds me of a leaf.

Use the code "FABULOUS" at checkout to get 25% off anything you buy from her online store.

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