Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ksubi Jeans: Yes or No?

I've been singing the praises of Rich & Skinny jeans to anyone who will listen for quite a while now. But every year, I get that same itch--a craving for a brand new pair of everyday jeans. I've heard that Australian brand Ksubi (formerly Tsubi), which was created by surfers Dan Single and George Gorrow, makes the most comfortable jeans with the slightest bit of stretch. Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and other celebs are fans of the brand and it's quickly become a cult favorite. I haven't had the chance to try a pair on, but from what I can see, the styles are sexy, slimming, and trendy. The Dynamite Shorts sport the trademark Ksubi logo on the back, a series of embroidered dice + +, and a cool, slightly frayed hemline. And the Tallina Mid Indigo Scooter Jean is a mid-rise, super stretchy skinny pair in a vintage blue wash. But before I splurge on the jeans, I'm curious to know what everyone--I mean, those without Nicole Richie's petite proportions--thinks about their fit. Let me know your thoughts!

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