Thursday, May 22, 2008

Inspired by Indiana

I am a huge fan of Indiana Jones, so I was super excited to hear that Harrison Ford would reprise his role as the famed archaeologist. Fashion-wise, I don't see anything not to like about Indiana Jones and his leading ladies. My favorite is definitely Dr. Elsa Schneider from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Even though she turned out to be a bad guy, her fashion sense was tasteful and impeccable. And obviously, Indy's trademark fedora, brown leather jackets, and safari-inspired vests and shirts are some of the latest trends for spring right now!

In honor of today's release of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, I've found some Indiana-style outfits perfect for trekking to the movie theater (or to some faraway desert).

I absolutely adore this Proenza Schouler Hemp Vest! Made of linen, it's sure to keep you cool and stylin' in the heat of the desert. A detachable belt cinches your waist for a slimming effect. This versatile vest can be worn with anything, but I like it best layered over a simple black dress.

Forever 21's Braided Leather Belt is affordable, stylish, and looks just like the female version of what Indy might wear!

An inexpensive alternative to the Proenza Schouler vest is Forever 21's Safari Trench Jacket. The shoulder epaulets, cargo pockets, and large buttons are all outstanding features for an adventurous fashionista.

Complete the look with this woven Botswana Safari Shirt by Ever. Its loose fit and sheerness will help you survive the heat.

No Indiana Jones look is complete without his signature fedora, undoubtedly the most memorable part of all his outfits! Try this feminine take on the fedora with the Jaxon Crushable Safari II. The thick grosgrain ribbon bow is a sweet touch to this otherwise tough adventurer's hat.

(Credit to and for Indiana Jones pictures)

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Anonymous said...

I love how Elsa maintained her fashion sense no matter the circumstance, from exploring Venetian catacombs to reaching for priceless artifacts over an abyss. Personally, I think her desert/grail temple outfit was her coolest, though I'm not sure if the leather gloves were the best idea. Her hand slipped out of the glove so quickly when she was reaching! Never understood why she insisted on wearing them inside the temple.