Monday, February 2, 2009

Ed Hardy Love Cross leggings

For Christmas, my sister gave me a pair of these trendy Ed Hardy Love Cross leggings (check out her well-stocked ebay store!). I had a chance to wear them for the first time today while hiking in nearby Runyon Canyon, and boy, were they comfortable! The leggings are made of nice, stretchy cotton and offer a slimming silhouette. And even though I don't usually wear flashy logos, the cool pattern down the side of the leg definitely sets these apart from other humdrum workout clothes. Something about Ed Hardy pieces mixed with more lowkey items seems to work really well, and after I paired these leggings with a plain gray-blue Daftbird tee, I definitely felt like I was rocking a pretty trendy workout outfit--perfect for climbing the hills of Runyon Canyon!

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