Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gunmetal gray




(Boulee halter blouse, random earrings)

I'm watching the E! after party of the Academy Awards and just heard Kate Winslet talking about her gunmetal gray Yves Saint Laurent dress, so it's fitting that I was just about to write about my own gunmetal gray blouse from Boulee. I've always had a weakness for anything with sassy cut outs. This blouse bares a little skin but doesn't go overboard, so it's still perfect for a girl's night out.


Brook and Lyn said...

Gun metal what a great way to say gray. And what was the other one from SJP? Barely mint right?

...love Maegan said...

oh that's phenomenal!!

Gerri Ward said...

TLT, you're blouse is solely Beautiful and the color is fab. Your earrings are sooo perfect for this unique blouse. You look marvelous!!!
p.s. I'm having problems with my Mac, uploading images sooo I'm late with posting!

C Lila said...

I would buy that blouse in a second!