Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pirate boots



I'm wearing two of my favorite pieces ever--a green Bonappetit coat and Abahouse Devinette black pirate boots. The boots were a major purchase from the year I lived in Japan and I went through quite an ordeal to get them in the correct size and color. In fact, the lengthy process of ordering those boots improved my Japanese language skills quite a bit! Since moving back to the US, I've worn these boots every fall and winter. In fact, a few months ago in the elevator of my office building, one guy lifted his eyebrow and commented, "Your boots...they're dangerous, and I like 'em!"


Anonymous said...

is it really that cold in LA? wow...it was 60 here today. Strange. That is a great shade of green.

Gerri Ward said...

These really are some fashionably dangerous soles and your coat the style and color is incredible. It's obvious that you are definitely a style sophisticate !!!

Juley said...

That coat is divine! What a perfect shade of green.

Seriously, beakers were made for brushes! You can search Ebay for some. =)

Unknown said...

fantastic photos!! love the boots and the jacket!

Jen said...

Incredible combination, love the boots..