Friday, October 30, 2009

Style Sophisticate's First Reader Giveaway: Win a Wildfox Couture tee!

Hey everyone! To thank all my readers, both old and new, for their support of me in the America's Most Stylish Blogger contest, I'm thrilled to announce my first reader giveaway courtesy of Shop Moderne! The site offers the best online price guarantee to ensure you're getting a great deal and carries brands ranging from Degaine to Yumi Kim. You can follow them via Twitter: @lovemoderne!

Shop Moderne and Style Sophisticate are giving away ONE Wildfox Couture's "Nobody's Perfect" astrology tee which retails for $64! The unisex, one-size-fits-all shirt is made of soft, 100% cotton jersey and features an astrological sign along with a word or cheeky phrase describing its darker side. I'm a Virgo and mine says "Perfectionist," which is most definitely me!

To enter to WIN, all you need to do is...

1) Follow my blog!
2) Leave me a comment telling me your first name and your sign. If you win, we'll send you the tee with your specified sign on it!
3) I'd love to find out more about my readers, so brownie points for letting me know if you're anything like your sign!
4) Finally, I'd love your continued support in the America's Most Stylish Blogger contest, so please keep voting for me! :) You can vote once a day!

The winner will be chosen randomly and the deadline for the contest is 11/15/09! I'm also happy to add that this is open to my international readers as well! Good luck, everyone! Thank you so much again for visiting my site, leaving comments, voting for me in the contest and simply allowing me to be a part of our fab online fashion community!


Carlos Alberto Silva said...

Hi, I looove your posts, and the pictures! How was your weekend? Hope to ear from you soon..
I'm now following you via rss feed and blogger, follow me too :)


Friend in Fashion said...

Wohoo! Great give-away sweety :)

I'm a Scorpio and very true to my sign ;) hehe


Friend in Fashion said...

Oh, and just voted for you :)

Andrea said...

the bf vest over the sequined dress is my fav! anyway, a scorpio and its so true :) xo

Sailor Jamee said...

yes! i love wildfox! and i already do follow you on bloglovin' and i already have voted for you on america's most stylish blogger (: my name is jamee and i am a cancer. and the "i love to fall in love" on the t shirt is most definitely me. i got over my ex by realizing i loved the feeling of being in love, more than i actually loved him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by! You are too sweet with the comments.

I'm so glad you mentioned this awesome contest to me<3

1) I am a Follower.
2) Name: Gina.
Sign: Pisces(The Fish).
3) A)I day dream A LOT- I think that's where I get most of my creativity. On the other hand, I sometimes let daydreaming get the best of me and it gets me into trouble at times *SIGH*.
B)I randomly dance around in public if I hear music:]

4) Yay! I hope you win! *I'll keep voting for you every day<3*

hippyhippychic said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.
So glad this is an international competition!!!
Im a cancer and i love the wildfox cancer t-shirt, so true!
I'm really into astrology actually, I mean I don't think you can use it to predict the future but I think signs are very accurate descriptions of what people are like. Would love to win this comp as my student budget doesn't stretch far enough for me to buy one myself!
Great blog as always, have voted for you + followed you

DS said...

love your blog! i follow you via google reader!

i would love to win the t-shirt - i'm a libra and probably the most in decisive person you will ever meet...

my email is sweetcharade(at)gmail(dot).com

Taylor Sterling said...

great giveaway!!!

MMC said...

Loving your style!
My sign is aquarius.


Unknown said...

oh i'd love to win this!
~i follow your blog
~my name is diane and i'm a pisces
~i'm totally like my's kinda ridiculous.

Andy Torres said...

Hi babe!! This is Andy from

I am a Cancer and I have no doubt in my mind I am a true cancer, unfortunately!!! hahaha

im adding you to my blog roll right now and good luck on America;s most stylish blogger!!! Ill go vote for you now..

Andy from

Anonymous said...

saw you on the video for america's most stylish blogger
love it darling!!!!
so glad i stumbled across your blog
keep it up, great inspiration
ive linked you!

check out my blog @

EssSee said...

Wow this is sooo awesome. You have a really cool blog by the way!!! You should write for a fashion magazine!!!!

My name is Sarah and I'm a gemini ;)

toopoorforcouture said...

It's Wendy and I'm a pisces!! Love the cute horoscope T's! You'll always have my support, I'm voting for you everyday! We REALLY need to go shopping together.

vitaMinn style said...

I love the shirt, I hope I win!! I'm a Leo and a true Leo at that: ambitious and vain!! ;)

Yes, I follow you here and of course, I vote for you!!


Me said...

Woot woot. My name's Sophia! I loooove your blog so much, so you know I subscribe/follow your blog! =D

The t-shirt designs are so FUNKY. I'm diggin'! I'm a Gemini, so hahaha, I got 2 crazy personalities for one little ol' me. I'm definitely true to the Gemini characteristics in which I'm extremely fickle and talkative!

P.S. I have been voting for you everyday on the I really hope you win!!!

dee said...

dee - capricorn; i am completely a cap, as stubborn as can be!

CHOCHO said...

Katie- Scorpio

They say Scorpios are the best in bed. I hope they're right.

CL said...

Yay! I'm Coco and I'm an Aries (yes I am definitely a daredevil!)

I'll be voting :)

Neekoh said...

Heya Tiffany!

Great giveaway :)
- Neekoh, Scorpio
- I'm totally like my sign. The paragon of.

P.S. I don't know if you remember, but I met you at the FabSugar/Dove event last summer. I was there with Natalie. Anyway, good luck with the challenge! Loving your looks so far :)

j.nice said...

Hi Tiffany! I love your different looks and am following your blog!

I'm Janice, and a Virgo as well. Kind of scary, but my sign is definitely me :)

Good luck with your challenges, I'm voting for you!

JoJo said...


my name is Jo-Anne and i'm a Gemini, and i live up to my sign! i get bored really easily and am a known fidgeter. got to keep the excitement flowing!

love the tee's by the way! awesome giveaway...

love your blog too :)

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Yay, a giveaway! Love Horoscope signs...I'm a Scorpio.

Birte said...

LOVE your entry with the Prada booties... definitely my favorite of the bunch.

I'm a Taurus, and very true to my sign. Grounded, compassionate, and of course, a little stubborn as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Mel and I'm a libra.
I follow your blog anonymously ;) I put your blog in my favorites so I click it everytime I get on.

I guess I am a bit like my sign. I can't decide for a lot of things. But when I want something, I'll go out and get it.

Lainey said...

I love your blog. Just stumbled upon you after reading an article about you and the contest! Congrats for making it as far you've come! That's exciting news. I love these wildfox couture shirts! I would love one in Virgo please. I'm very much a virgo in the sense that I'm very organized-almost to an obnoxious point. I love my birthstone (sapphire) and I can be a little stubborn at times. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to win the shirt!

I'll definitely be following you. :)


dapplegreen said...

YAY astrology+giveaways!
My name is Marisa and I'm an aquarius. I've always felt like a water person, and recently I found out that many of my closest friends are too. We were talking about the meaning of our names, and in Korean my friends name means water lily floating down a river, another is Kurdish for a stream that comes from a melting ice cap, and the third is also the name of a lake in Russia. My name comes from the latin root for the sea, mar.

Maybe Tiffany=Perfect?

Good luck with the bluefly contest! I really dig the way you added a fur vest to the prada mix!

Ashley said...

1) I follow you :)
2) Ashley/Gemini
3) I'm pretty bipolar sometimes, lol, so I guess that means I'm true to my sign! :)
4) I voted for you today in your widget above!


nikatknight said...

I love your blog. I actually started following it from the bluefly challenge.
My name is Nikki Knight. I am an aquarius and I am very true to the sign. I like things to go my way, i am very passionate and a little crazy and loud :)

Ashley said...

Voted for you again today - I love how you styled that skirt!


Misa said...

I read somewhere that the Scorpio motto might be "What is hidden is more interesting than what is obvious."

Besides being mysterious, we have a stinger too!

If Scorpios were handbags, they would be the Marc Jacobs St. Marks python shoulder bag with, oh yes, studs!

Keep on jumping,

Unknown said...

All I have to say is that next time I come to LA, we have to go shopping together!!!!

PS: My name's Rebecca and I'm a sag

Ashley said...

Voted for you again today! I hope you win this week, your pic is adorable :)


Megan Martin said...

Hi! I saw your week 3 entry on BlueFly today and had to vote for you! I've since started following your blog. My name is Megan and I'm a Taurus. People always say that a Taurus is stubborn, but I think "I'm right" really sums it up. My boyfriend finds this quality a little frustrating, but he still loves me because deep down I think he knows that I'm right 99.9% of the time. ;)

Blicious said...

OMG i know the contest is over but i am IN LOVE with the Aries one. sighhhhhh

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