Wednesday, October 21, 2009

America's Most Stylish Blogger!


Here is the exciting news I've been waiting to tell my dear readers, since it's largely because of YOU all that I get to be a part of this amazing opportunity! StyleList and Bluefly selected 8 finalists for their America's Most Stylish Blogger competition, and I'm beyond honored to be one of them! Every week for 5 weeks, each of us will receive a mystery item from, which we will incorporate into a head-to-toe stylish outfit, then photograph and submit for voting! Beginning next Tuesday, October 27th, you can vote on the blogger who you think styled their piece best, and there's something in it for you too! Voting automatically enters you to win a $1,000 Bluefly shopping spree--and I'd be so thrilled if one of my readers won! The winner of America's Most Stylish Blogger also walks away with a $1,000 Bluefly spree, a weekly column on StyleList, and a blogger store on Bluefly!

Please mark your calendars for next Tuesday and wish me lots of luck!!


Lisa & Cathy said...

I'M DEF VOTING FOR YOU! you have awesome style! and i wouldnt mind 1000 :D :D whisper: we'll share lets cheat

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

How are you doing today, Tiffany?

I´ll for sure vote for you!!!;)
Love your charming smile in the photo they provided!!!

Happy weekend!!!!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi Tiffany... meeee again ;)

What a lovely surprise. We seemed to leave comments for each other the very same time;)
You lucky girl enjoy the sun in LA!
The weather in Italy is not the best and just a little bit of sunshine.

My calendar for next tuesday is marked!!!!

LOOOOOOTS OF LUCK and have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of smiles around you!!!

Friend in Fashion said...

wohoo! CONGRATULATIONS honey :)

Good luck - def have my vote!

vitaMinn style said...

OMG Tiff!! I'll be voting for you of course, lots of luck!!! So happy for you, gosh what an honor this is!


Juley said...

You are the sweetest thing!

I will be voting for you. Good luck =)

Unknown said...

ahh!! SO excited!!! :) YA! i will def. be voting and tuning in! :)

The Petite Sisters said...

You deserve the title without doubt! Really admire your courage to put all the sharpest colours on your body and your energetic pics! Keep it up and support you :)

Haute World said...

Congrats for making the cut! I'll definitely vote for you! Can't wait to see what they send you for your look. Hmmm, I wonder if that shopping spree competition is only open to U.S. participants... gotta check now. That would be one hell of a prize ;-)

belt buckle girl said...

Great news!

toopoorforcouture said...

Oh my god!! Congratulations!! This is AWESOME!! I'm so envious!! Keep up the good work!!

FashionBlogNews said...

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Tom Bailey said...

School, work or dates it seems like you have all the looks down.