Tuesday, October 27, 2009

America's Most Stylish Blogger Week #1: The boyfriend vest




Usually a boyfriend shirt or blazer or, in this case, vest translates into a laidback “I-just-grabbed-this-on-my-way-out-of-the-bf’s-apartment” vibe, but when I lifted the Priorities navy boyfriend vest out of the Bluefly.com box, I knew I wanted to dress it up. Los Angeles’s slightly cool fall weather called for a mustard yellow tweed skirt, ankle lace-up boots and just one extra delicious, over the top detail—a cascade of silk organza ivory ruffles.

The menswear-inspired Priorities vest is an incredibly versatile layering piece. Made of stretch gabardine, its lightweight enough for the warmer months, but perfect right now for pairing with fall-friendly fabrics. I added vintage pins on the lapel for a bit of sparkle, then tossed on a skinny belt for ladylike flair. The finishing touch? A pair of geek chic frames! An avid reader since the age of four, I used to wear thick glasses everywhere (very likely a result of reading under the covers way past my bedtime), but I’ve avoided them since the introduction of contact lenses. However, I wanted to embrace my inner bookworm with this look. Because hey, even four-eyed brainiacs can be geniuses in style, too!

Visit StyleList.com and Bluefly.com to vote for this bookworm as America’s Most Stylish Blogger!

And as a bonus for my dear blog readers, I had so much fun playing with this vest that I tossed it together with a few other outfits. I just couldn't help myself! Take a peek and tell me which one you liked best!





The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Happy sweet tuesday to you, Tiffany.

Ohhh, that´s so cute with your glasses. They look truly fab on you!!!!
My voted #1 look is your mustard skirt, with the cute white ruffled blow top and the blue boyfriend vest... and ... not forget to mention your SUPERSTYLISH
hair!!! Swooooon ;)))

Wishing you goooood goood luck and I´ll keep my fingers cross for you!!!!

Hugs to you...from
me ;)

Vertiginoso said...

Mmmh I especially like the (bouncing !!!) way you match it with your scintillating "Party Girl-esque" Dress, to compose such a Refreshing cocktail !!!
ps: AND I really like your banner's so subtle/sexy narcissistic vibrancy . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

Diane said...

every single one of those looks is absolutely adorable!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Voted for you!! Congrats on being chosen :)

Zhcsyra hp said...

i love all the looks are great :))
nice white blous,cool blue vest,awe boots,sweet skirt,awesome necklaces,cute red clutch bag ,adorable glam dress.

gros gros bissous xoxox

maggie said...

you look adorable in these pictures! i LOVE your shoes. and I'm pretty sure that that Express blazer is now on sale for like... $60? I was upset when i saw cuz i could have waited and saved $20. =\ oh well! haha.

vitaMinn style said...

Love this and you seem to truly have fun with it!

Voting for you now! =)
Wish you all the luck!

Melanie said...

I voted for you! It's the yellow belt that makes it (though if you could tell me where you found the shirt/ruffles, that would also be good information)!

Unknown said...

Love your style! Yours was my favourite look, though maybe you should have entered the last photo, as I love it with the tartan skirt. In any case, I hope you do well!

Haute World said...

Great look! It kinda reminds me of a naughty librarian outfit ;-) I like them all, but besides the main outfit, I'm leaning towards the sparkly number. Gotta love the bling!

Settica said...

We're rooting for you!!

dapplegreen said...

YAYYYY! good luck!

michelle said...

none.. u forgot the video that critiqued u... well wasnt exactly positive maybe thats why u havent posted it?? ur last on the votes!!

Unknown said...

i just voted for you - you really are the best contestant!

toopoorforcouture said...

Wow, look at you go!! This's so awesome!!

Fayoona said...

i love love love your pictures.
votes for you!
Peace, SOS-er fi xx

Friend in Fashion said...

The looks you have created with the vest are fabulous - I love them all - especially with the ruffle collar and sequins!!! :)


haute.teapot said...

very cute and love those boots!

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