Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not a fan of this fad!

There aren't very many trends I don't hold some appreciation for. But after going out for several weeks in a row in Los Angeles, there is one popular fad I can't stand anymore--those short, rainbow-hued polyester dresses with a wide band hem hugging your thighs, much like this spaghetti strap dress from Forever 21. It seems like every twenty-something girl is wearing those colorful, mini frocks nowadays, accompanied by high heel shoes and a clutch or wristlet. That dress has become standard clubbing attire, and I'm so sick of it! That's not to say I don't think these dresses are trendy or fashionable in their own way; I just wish we could all be little more imaginative and spice it up with some variety. There are other options out there that are still sexy, stylish, and appropriate for clubbing, like a skintight LBD or back-baring striped halter.


Anonymous said...

hate those dresses. they're so unflattering.

C Lila said...

agreed! these break so many of my personal fashion codes :) i.e. 99% of the time i need some kind of "waist acknowledgment" to be happy with an outfit