Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To be a Tyrant



Photos by Catharine Acurso.

As a fashion blogger, I've been very, very lucky to come across some amazing individuals. Two of them include Ty and Brandon, the creative geniuses behind Tyrant Collection. They were kind enough to craft one of their signature nameplate necklaces for me. I love the modern simplicity of the design - a sleek, sterling silver rectangle with my name etched in capitals on the front. Their butter-soft braided leather bracelet with its dangling charms (a skull, a crown, a wing and more), which I wear wrapped around my wrist four times, has also become my talisman recently. Each hand forged Tyrant piece feels personalized and incredibly special. The proof lies in the fact that every single time I wear their jewelry, no matter where I go, people fall in love with it.


michelle_ said...

i love ur braided bracelet and the pop of shocking pink from your tights !!

Friend in Fashion said...

ooh - this dress is so pretty! Love the bright colours + your lovely necklace :)

Luv, Friend in Fashion

Aliss said...

You look amazing!
I like your ring :)

Audacious Allure said...

Hi Tiffany! It was good finally meeting you today! Thank you for mentioning ObscuredCouture! Oh and I found this adorable cardigan that is similar to the one you purchased at Topshop!


Camille said...

WOW! Great outfit! I love the accessories! I found your link in AlyciaAmore's blog! I am just starting out as a fashion blogger! Follow me!

gina said...

Love the bright pink tights!

Susu Paris Chic said...

I love gals who dare... and you seemingly do! Great!

ilikestuff said...

Free gifts are the best, aren't they? And I love the fluorescent tights on you!