Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nutella lattes and hungry chipmunks






(blazer from Japan, T by Alexander Wang tank, AA bandeau, F21 skirt & shoes, Perlina bag)

I just spent the weekend in Boston where I had the best clam chowder in the world. I don't know how they cook it differently over there, but those New Englanders really know how to make chowda! Boston was a good change of pace--unhurried traffic, clear air, stately brick buildings, vibrant greenery at every turn. I fed pigeons and chipmunks at Boston Commons, sipped a Nutella latte at an outdoor cafe, and squeezed in some shopping at 344 at the Prudential Center and Pinky Otto on charming Newbury Street. I definitely noticed a preppy vibe oozing from the city's fashionistas, so I jumped at the chance to wear my blazer, tights, and new $6 oxford heels from Forever 21.

Yes, they were really $6!


Jenna said...

wow! i love your style!
i just came across your blog, which may i just add - is uber cute! :)

check out mine:

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

So cute--especially that photo of you in flight with the pigeons. How do you manage to jump so high?!!

I love clam chowder in Boston. Bread bowls...yum...

I just wanted to let you know that I have a jeans giveaway that you should enter :)

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! Nooo way -$6.00 I'm without words! Only you can put together such an amazingly fab ensemble. Every piece of article you're wearing is breathtaking. That last photo with the pigeons should be in a fashion magazine!!! You are sooo sophisticated! p.s. Don't stay away sooo long!

ilikestuff said...

$6??!! Don't you just love that?! Nothing feels quite as good as snagging a key item of clothing for less than it costs to eat lunch. I love these pictures too! You're like the master of the action shot!

hippyhippychic said...

that squirrel is so cute!
love your outfit as always
(: x


Unknown said...

Love your pictures so much energy, and i adore your shoes and skirt!
Enter my Giveaway!

Sel said...

Your outfits rock!! Love your blog and love your fashion choices!! The skirt is awesome, would never have guessed it was Forever21 :)

Haute World said...

Wow - love that flying pigeon shot! And how adorable is that chipmunk? A bit envious about the Nutella latte... I never had one, but it sounds exactly like something I could have right now.

modediktat said...

And there she jumps again! Hey gorgeous little Miss Roo! How is it going, sweetie-pie?
The pictures are so soooo soooooooooo fabulous! Like Haute-Shopper said before - the picture with the pidgeons is incredible gorgeous! I LOVE IT!
And Mr Squirrel is THE attraction of the month! I mean look at him - isn't he awesome or what. Squirrels are so smart and clever - I have one who is visiting me almost every day on my balcony - RupertA (I thought it might be a boy - Rupert - but it turned out as a mom who visited me with the kid once - so it seems to be a girl - RupertA).
Wishing you a great + wonderful weekend, my dear!
Much love, S.

KY said...

I love your pictures, great outfit!

Katarina Kühl ~ PencilFashion said...

i really like that outfit!

Haute Rami said...


(yes ramina is totally the correct spelling haha) I ABSOLUTELY love every outfit you have put together! So amazing!! I can't wait to talk fashion with you too!!!

see you soon!

Kat said...

Love the skirt and shoes! Great 'action' photos.

Friend in Fashion said...

$6 are you serious - love it all! Cute pics