Monday, June 15, 2009

Jungle gym







(Monrow tee, Levi's ripped shorts, Silence + Noise vest, Jeffrey Campbell cutout shoes, vintage cuff, Alex & Chloe earrings and necklace, random sunglasses)

Something about this bike rack in the middle of the sidewalk brought out the third grader in me. I was glad I wore something comfortable so I could horse around--a tissue thin T-shirt splattered with neon green artwork, ragged shorts, cutout shoes with low heels and my new favorite sunglasses, the only thing I bought from Vancouver during my work trip. Lately, I've been picking outfits that allow ease and freedom of movement, choosing sandals over platforms and shorts over small skirts. I can't wait for the sun to come back to L.A.; I want to live in shorts this summer and let my skin soak up all the warmth and light while it can. 

Speaking of which, I'm on the lookout for a pair of low rise distressed shorts (much like the ones in these photos which are high rise). If you know of a brand of shorts, preferably one easy on my wallet, please let me know and I'll be indebted to you!


The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi " Miss Gym"!
Your pink sunglasses rock!
Pink shoes and now pink sunglasses... you are truly
"pink addicted" ;)

Wishing you a wonderful sunny & relaxing day!

Beautiful Blessings,

Haute World said...

Love these pics... you look like you're about to do a double-loop on those :) I agree with the comfortable outfit thing... I've been living in flats for the past few weeks. Those Jeffrey Campbells are great by the way!

modediktat said...

Hey sweetheart Tiffany,
I hope all is well!
So nice to see a fresh post today!!! :)
Wow - you're doing some moves from Flashdance - without the chair, but I can see the choreography there ;)
The Jeffrey Campbell flats are gorgeous! Did yiu know that he did some very fantastic replica on Ann D. lace up booties? They look veeeeery similar. I will keep my eyes open for some great shorts and if I'll find something I'll let you know, hon!
much love, s.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

So adorable! And congrats on the FabSugar feature (just noticed it).

Gerri Ward said...

TLT, only YOU can wear these Fashionably distressed shorts and look sooo sophisticated and chic in them!!! The soles are solely fabulous and those glasses are sooo Voguish I LUV them!

Friend in Fashion said...

How cute are you! :) I love the pink sunnies and the boots. Check out my lowrise distressed shorts in my post 'the long and the short of it'. They are rusty and cost $A60 :)

nora said...

i love all your poses, you're so cute! and the shoes are awesome too :)

Gisela and Maury said...

wow Love the look! and those pink sunglasses are so much fun! Great pair of legs too :-)

hippyhippychic said...

i envy your shoe collection so much!!!

great blog
(: x

Zhcsyra hp said...

grunge style,.yaay :)))
i love the combo,and love denim shorts at all <333