Monday, March 30, 2009

Military March






(Phillip Lim cadet jacket, Zara dress, Silence + Noise leggings, Jeffrey Campbell platforms)

Like any frequent shopper, I love hunting down the best bargains and scoring a good deal. But sometimes, there are those special, one of a kind pieces that speak to you (yes, clothes do speak to me...I sometimes imagine them jumping off their hangers, crying, "Buy me! I belong to you! Wear me, love me!"). And when that happens, it's so hard to say no. This cadet jacket was indeed a hefty splurge for me, but everytime I wear it, I break into a smile and do a little jig. That's how I know it was worth every hard-earned penny!


The Little Fashion Treasury said...

You made me smile.. YEEES, I can confirm... CLOTHES CAN SPEAK TO YOU ;)... and when this happen you simply cannot say "NO".

article §1: Woman and Fashion
Clothes can speak.
It´s strickly forbidden to say "no".

Your jacket ist 2die4!! It´s always so lovely to see how happy you look and how you give every look that special something!!!

Haute World said...

Girl, you have an amazing style! I absolutey LOVE the military jacket. I have a thing for military jackets in general, but that is just a standout piece. Really like those shoes as well!

modediktat said...

Hi Tiffany!!
Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog! Wow, your outfit is a stunning and very inspiring mix!
I'm having a similar jacket in navy blue sitting in my closet and didn't thought of it for a while now. But need to wear it again asap! :-D
The Philip Lim jacket is a great find!
Will visit often!!
xoxo, Sofie

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Very cute. I love that jacket--it's worth every (pretty) penny!

P.S. Did you wear that to work?

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

P.P.S. I've tagged you! See my blog for the questions.

Gerri Ward said...

TLT, I don't know where to begin, I am solely amazed with your outfits! I luv to read Lucky magazine and online they have this thingy whereas you profile yourself, your style and everything. You should consider doing it because not only do you create these elegant ensembles but you look sooo divine in them. You are the perfect model with your own signature style. Everything you're wearing I want!!! p.s. Your pedicure is sooo perfect too!!!!

marC said...

i've got a couple of things in my closet that yell at me like that, too! i just don't waste wearing them to the office lol...that's what my black hoodies and v-neck tees are for!

Tiffany Ling Tse said...

Thumbelina-- Nope, I didn't wear it to work! I wore it last Saturday :) My workplace has a very flexible dress code so I know I could have worn it but somehow, some of my favorite outfits feel too dramatic or over the top for the office! I don't know, maybe I should start wearing my "real" outfits to work!!

Rita said...
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Rita said...

tiffany! okay i found your blog on your facebook. :)

soo cute. i looove military jackets. did you ever see the one emma watson wore on TRL some years ago? my eyes fell out of my head and into a place called love.

of course it's just not as chic as yours.

you are totally in another realm of fashion. i need to...get a second job or something to afford all this stuff! <3

see you soon...(i am totally listening to my hannah montana movie soundtrack.)

modediktat said...

hey gorgeous,
thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll! i've added your blog to my list as well :)
well, everything about 150 is too much for a baggy jeans shorts, so i will keep my eyes open and once i have found a great shorts i will let you know for sure!
xoxo, sofie

Anonymous said...

great red jacket, good shape/structure. Powerful white too.

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Dear Tiffany!

Simply had to drop you another line to let you know
that I tagged you ;)

ilikestuff said...

God, I so agree. If I had a steady source of income, there are definitely a number of pieces i wouldn't mind investing in. I don't believe in buyer's remorse!

hippyhippychic said...

you have some truly gorgeous blazers and jackets.
i love the red Philip Lim jacket.
everytime i read your blog it just makes me insanely jealous that i dont own your wardrobe!!!
but still i come back for more.
great blog
(: x

kimvee said...

You always have the cutest outfits! :P Definitely edgy & I want that jacket! <3 <3 it! :P

marC said...

I really LOVE this jacket - I think Kanye stole this look from you hehe

I'm so lagging on updating my site, BUT there are a few things coming up that I'm so excited to write about! But first, they have to deliver them to me hehe...I love your comments, btw.
PS: Team hoedown throwdown