Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jean leggings






(Zara blazer, See by Chloe blouse, Current/Elliot jeans)

As much as I ached to wear my new obsession--ripped Current/Elliot jeans--over the weekend, I had to work on Saturday so I wanted to convey just a tad more professionalism. So out came my other pair of Current/Elliot skinny, streamlined jeans, which are so soft (how do they do it!?) and thin they're more like leggings. Honestly, they are the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn in my life, surpassing even my favorite supersoft pair from Rich & Skinny. A tip: the salesman where I bought the Current/Elliot jeans said they tend to stretch out a lot, so it's better to size down as much as possble. 


Hayley Ann said...

looking cute, like always. i just love your blouse, i love the pop of color it adds to your outfit. so cute. <3

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Love the photo where you are happily jumping on the green ;)

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Love the jacket and the colorful blouse. But what I love most is your exuberant jump! (It's a lot like your profile photo...both put a smile on my face :)

P.S. Finally tried on a pair of Current/Elliot destroyed skinny/slouchy jeans. Too bad they didn't have my size :(

Gerri Ward said...

You look sooo fab in everything you wear! I luv the brilliant blue with the black and what amazing jeans !!!
Your jacket just tops it off - you are tres, tres chic!!! - luv it,luv it!

Anonymous said...

jean leggings are the best invention ever. i have 4 pairs all in black.

kimvee said...

Thanks for the sweet comment :)
I love this outfit, especially the blazer from Zara. I've been wanting a blazer like that especially in white ;P

hippyhippychic said...

your blazer is exactly what i've been looking for! did you purchase it recently?
great blog btw
(: x