Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another fantastic fall blazer

As I'm clearly a sucker for any kind of beautiful blazer, this LaRok jacket is just next in a line of many blazers I hope to acquire this fall. This one has obvious Gossip Girl connotations (side note: the show's second season starts on September 1!), such as a metal shield brooch pinned to the lapel and stylish contrasting white trim. But the scrunched up sleeves, cropped cut, and front pockets give it a decidedly modern feel, reminding me of Serena van der Woodsen's hastily-thrown-together-yet-still-preppy looks for school. Everyone knows Blair is my fashion fave on the show, but I know I could definitely take a tip or two from Serena. After all, the show's costume designer modeled her looks after Kate Moss' style! Come fall, I'd love to wear this blazer with jeans, an untucked white shirt, and messy hair, just to give off that careless, yet oh-so-fashionable vibe we all want to achieve!

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