Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Roxy Rocks

The other day I received a Roxy catalog in the mail and was surprised to find myself flipping through it and actually liking some of the clothes! I always thought the brand was aimed at California surfer girls and as I'm not a surfer or particularly athletic at all, I wasn't interested in buying their board shorts or swim gear. But I have to say that Roxy does make some fun, youthful clothes, perfect for a ski trip at Lake Tahoe! Here are some of my favorite looks:

Roxy "Free Falling"-- plaid jacket, dress, boots, and scarf

Roxy "Lucy" -- sweet pea jacket, peppermint sweater, and strawberry-colored jeans

Roxy "Stargazer" -- holly bomber jacket, oryan shorts, suspenders, and boots

Roxy "Strawberry Fields" -- hat, kennedy swing jacket, york top, and wide leg jeans

Roxy "Wonderland" -- snow bunny jacket, kacey tank, hat

The plaid jackets, checkered shirts, big scarves, fur-trimmed hoods, colored jeans and thermal leggings mesh well together for winter. Obviously the shorts and mini dresses aren't really practical for snowboarding up at Tahoe, but perhaps you can slip into them while warming up by the fire.

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