Sunday, December 18, 2011

So, how do I use a flat iron?






Yoshi's magic tools.


With Yoshi Hagiwara himself.

When I walked into Yoshi Hair Studio the morning after Thanksgiving, I was not looking too hot (in truth, I looked quite terrible). I'd just eaten up a storm the night before (turkey, cake, beer, the usual T-Day suspects) and I was tired from the holiday festivities. I did what I usually do when I'm in that kind of mood: I threw on my trusty denim button-down, pinned my bangs away from my face and ran out the door.

Thankfully, hair guru Yoshi Hagiwara rescued my look. A veteran stylist with an intimidating amount of experience in the biz (over 25 years), Yoshi now offers one-on-one individual styling classes, which include a restorative conditioning treatment and styling session, at his Beverly Hills studio. During my 60 minutes of Yoshi's undivided attention, I peppered him with questions about my hair troubles ("Um, I'm not sure how to use a flat iron?" and "Volume, please?"). He spent time styling my hair various ways, then explained each step to make sure I could replicate the look at home. Best of all, he introduced me to his specially developed product, Magic Water, an amino ion mist from Japan that works wonders to give your hair instant luster (and when I say instant, I mean it - I saw it work with my own eyes).

After class, I sauntered out of Yoshi's studio with shiny, freshly blown out tresses, a bottle of Magic Water, and a teeny bit more hair confidence. Thank you, Yoshi!


Fashion Information said...

You look beautiful now.

Fashion Territory said...

You look soo pretty!

Fashion Region said...

You look beautiful!! I love how happy you are and look in these pictures.

Fashion Top said...

You look stunning in these pictures! Love you!

Fashion Infor said...

I see nothing exceptional, just a pretty girl.