Friday, March 18, 2011

My Moderne Guest Blog: From Day To Night


I had the pleasure of writing this Day To Night guest blog post for the Love Moderne blog! I'm always on the go, always rushing from place to place, quite often (as many of my lovely friends will attest to) running a little late. So this spring, I'm searching for versatile weekday pieces that are both office and bar-appropriate, to take me straight from work to drinks with friends. I'm already sold on this flirty pink Eight Sixty ruffle dress from

During the day, I'd keep warm in the dress by slipping on a sleek blazer with purple trim, a pashmina shawl and tights. Mixed jewel tones, like this fuchsia and purple combo, stand out, plus studded bow shoes give the slightly formal outfit a fun rock 'n' roll vibe. After clocking out of work, I'd switch out the blazer for a cropped vest and trade in the kitten heels for tough studded booties, perfect for tempering the femininity of the dress. And of course, I'd ditch the scarf and pile on some bling. I'm obsessed with Carol Marie's double cross necklace and Skinny by Jessica Elliot's ring, both available on These edgy statement pieces complete an outfit and make wearing any other accessories unnecessary!

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Jessica said...

I definitely want the blazer.
It's so beautiful.