Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A cardigan love affair


(Madewell shirt, Zara skirt, Vera Wang cardigan, J.Crew necklace, Madewell tights, Moschino belt, Prada studded boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse, Nadri hoops, Michele watch, vintage cuff)










Photos by Catharine Acurso.

Starting at the age of 15, I've amassed a collection of cardigans in all fabrics and colors - bright red, yellow argyle, cashmere, chunky wool knit. So when I attended the Gilt sale in Los Angeles (thanks to my coworker Morgan's invite!) and spied this simple gray cardigan, I wasn't extremely impressed. Sure, it was Vera Wang. And sure, it was made of fine material, a lovely silky soft blend. Yet how could this piece compare with the beribboned, embellished cardigans in all colors of the rainbow that I already owned at home? But, surrounded by mountains of clothes and accessories, crazed with the excitement of the Gilt sale, I purchased it anyway.

Fast forward a few months later, this cardigan has become the most versatile piece in my closet. There's something elegant in its length, which hits right at the knee. Its thin fabric allows me to layer, while the charcoal gray shade matches every color. And the cardigan serves as my security blanket, particularly when I'm wearing a skirt a tad too short for comfort. It's safe to say that I'm now on the prowl for long cardigans in all colors and fabrics!

P.S. The Little Devil oven mitt guest stars in this post! The mitt, which inspires me to march into the kitchen and bake brownies just so I can use it, is the creation of my good friend, the owner of Collisionware. Check out her store and be thoroughly impressed by the cutest kitchenware and accessories ever!


ilikestuff said...

Agreed! A simple charcoal gray long cardigan is one of the most versatile and overworn pieces in my closet too--even though it has a hole the size of a pea in the back. I refuse to stop wearing it!

Also, I want to know who makes the silk button-down you're wearing underneath. It looks like an Equipment blouse...but I'm hoping it's some cheaper alternative so i can snag one just like it ;)

Tiffany Ling Tse said...

The brand is Eliot! :) I don't remember exactly how much it was - I believe around $60-70. I know, I LOVE Equipment blouses, so this one was a slightly more affordable alternative from Madewell! They had it a few different colors, but this olive green was my favorite. :)

Cinz said...

Oh yeah, i love long cardigans too:)really practical and versatile! Long cardigans sure does the trick when ya duno what to wear especially durin those cold winter seasons,lol

Btw, love that color of your shirt,really want it!:)


Unknown said...

I love your shoes and earrings :) To be honest the whole combination is just amazing.

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Carla said...

wonderfull, lovely lovely tights, prety legs

Katrina said...

I love your studded boots so much.
Ankle boots are my favorite as well as studded stuffs. :)