Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Europe bound!








(Rojas jumper, secondhand black tee, Boos and Besito bow necklace, Dolce Vita heels, BR necklace worn as bracelet, Kimski gator ring)

Thank you everyone for the early birthday wishes! I'll be sure to post pics of my bday outfit when the time comes in early September. It's been so hot lately that I busted out my little blue jumper to wear while exploring L.A. one scorching Sunday. Right now though, I need some info on the weather in two faraway cities...London and Paris!!! If any of my fellow bloggers live over there, please let me know what to pack and where to go shopping because I just received some amazing news. Later this month, I'll be visiting London and Paris for eight days for work reasons! Whenever I get a free moment, I know I'll be sneaking over to Topshop to buy clothes or ducking into a boulangerie to snack on pastries. I can hardly believe I'll be traveling to these two fabulous cities in just a few weeks. It's thrilling!

Packing tips! Shopping recommendations! Anything would be appreciated!!


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Wow, have a great time!! Is this your first time in the two cities? They're really wonderful, but it's been over ten years since I was there, so I can't remember too many specific places other than the generic landmark places.

Cute romper.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you!! Have an amazing time...Watch out Europe! Here comes Tiff! :) By the way, you look super cute as always!

Haute World said...

Great news on your Europe trip! Feel free to ask me anything about Paris and London. Right now it's really warm but who knows if that will change by the time you get here (layering is key). I'm in Paris most of the time but will be in London for a bit in Sept. In any case, I'm sure you'll have a great time :)

Oh, and love the overalls and the bow necklace. For a second I thought the bow was part of the overall!

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! Where have YOU been? I've missed your FAB POSTS like this Sophisticated ONE! I luv everything about this outfit, the necklace is sooo YOU, ( UNIQUE AND FABULOUS!)
Congratulations on your trip to Paris and London, I can't wait to see what you buy! Have FUN and BUY, BUY, BUY !!! p.s. Take lots of photos!!!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hello sweet Tiffany!
Thanks for ALLLLL your lovely comments!!!

You lucky girl will travel to Paris and London!
With Haute-Shopper you can never be wrong ;)
Saw that she already posted a comment!!!

It´s a long time ago since I was last time in London.
In Paris I can recommend "Palais Royal" which is a lovely place
( a little bit hard to find but definetely worth it!)


Will not end this comment without letting you know
that your white bow is such an eyecatching piece!!! LOVE IT!!! ...

Have a beautiful day ahead!!!!

modediktat said...

My little Miss Ro did a new post!
Hey sweetie pie - how are you?
Can see you're busy on T. but everytime I came to visit - nothing... Booohooooo ;)
So you're coming to touch down ol country, babe? That's amazing!
Apart from asking Haute Shopper you can also give a Hello to Hanh, since she went early this year to Paris, too. If you'll go shopping or not - visit Le Bon Marché! I will email you the address and the details. You will love it.
No - you will love EVERYTHING in Paris! Btw - I've finished some blog award answers. And a blog award is waiting for you on my blog as well.
much love to you!

Friend in Fashion said...

Lucky girl!!! Have a fabulous time abroad :)

P.s. the Overalls look wicked!

Christina said...

Your romper is way cool! I love the bold blue and the Dolce Vitas! :) I hope you have a crazy fun time in Europe!


Haute World said...

Hey there! If you send me an email, I can give you a few addresses! There was a great hotel I stayed in earlier this year (4 stars but decent enough pricing, and about 2 mins away from the big department stores). I couldn't find your email on your blog, so just drop me a note at hauteworld (a) gmail dot com and I'll send a few links and other info! You'll definitely have a great time and no worries, most shops in the center of town are still open this month! :)

M.I.G said...

I like your style. You are a very cute young lady. Love what you write and the pictures are super amazing. You are very creative- keep going. And last thing of all you should really be a model you are beautiful.

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Gisela and Maury said...

Goodness gracious! lucky girl! where do you work?? it's awesome you are travelling for work! ps: love the blue romper on you!

kimvee said...

Aww these photos are so cute & I love your shoes! Hope you have fun in Europe :)

KY said...

Great outfit, love the romper and cute necklace! Have fun in Europe!!

Domennie said...

this bow necklace is adorable:)