Thursday, April 16, 2009

The unbearable lightness of clothes









(SteveJ & YoniP silk top, Jeffrey Campbell heels, Silence + Noise leggings, Elizabeth Wahyu cuff)

It pains me that some of the most exquisite clothes cost so much money... not because I don't think they're worth the cost (though some are just insane...$500 for a T-shirt? Please!), but because I just can't afford them! Like so many women, I'm always pining away for that one piece way out of my price range, always calculating as I sift through the racks, touching soft silks and rich cashmere blends, drifting away regretfully after a quick peek at the tag, thinking, "Well, after the rent, the bills, and food, gas, and..."

But then, when I can get my hands on a good deal like this SteveJ & YoniP top, I treasure it. I zip it safely into a plastic bag, I hand wash it myself and allow it to air dry (on a satin hanger, no less). I cradle its soft, silky bulk in my hands and do a little jig because I'm just that happy that I now own this beautiful thing. Yes, you could say I'm a little fanatical and possessive of my clothes... but I'm not the only one, am I?

(By the way, meet my sister Jennifer! It's her debut on my blog!)


The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Good morning, Tiffany!

Mon Dieu, Madame ;)
I felt in love with your gorgeous top ... this is truly a heavenly piece.
Don´t know where to start what I love the most ;) .. the "just a little bit of green painted color" .. but I guess the most think I like is this wonderful pleated part!!!!


Wishing you and your sister a JOYFUL, SUNNY & HAPPY WEEKEND!!!

adele said...

hahah u aren't the only one!
is your sis wearing a joie blouse?

modediktat said...

There she is again....
Little Miss Sunshine Tiffany! :)
Easter holiday were quite busy here. Also the last weeks so I had very little time to visit my favorite blogs and to leave feedbacks :-D
Now I'm back on the desk.
I love this top, the pleated circles on the top, the soft Spring green. It's marvelous!
What I love even more is that you are bringing so much life and love into your pics.
So this beautiful top is getting even some more life due to the motion!
Have a nice weekend, sweetheart!!
xoxo, Sofie

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Wow you look gorgeous in this top. I love it--it's so light and frothy--so ethereal. And I totally know what you mean about the price of some desirable items. Clothes are more important to me than food, LOL.

ilikestuff said...

I love your top. It's amazing how you can actually see, even in pictures, that it's a quality piece. Unfortunately, you do get what you pay for, unless the sale gods are smiling on you.

Unknown said...

wow, that top is so light and unique...and with jeffrey campbell heels that AREN'T the strappy ones with the wooden platform, thank god. hahahaha.

everyone and their mom has those shoes, you know what i'm talking about? haha.

Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

That top is gorgeous, and so are your shoes!


Emz said...

Such a cute outfit- I LOVE YOUR SHOES!

marC said...

I have definitely done the happy purchase dance before! I love this top on you, T!


Tiffany Ling Tse said...

Adele- my sis is actually wearing a Robert Rodriguez sweater! I got it for her for Xmas last year :)

Gerri Ward said...

This is such an exquisite and beautiful top you are sooo lucky to own it and as always it has your signature style! p.s. you have a very pretty sister !!!

CHIC Sensibility... said...

I love that top.

做愛 said...