Friday, November 28, 2008

On Sale: Beckerman's Madeline dress

As a few of my friends know, I'm pretty passionate about certain pieces of clothing, and this is one of them. This dress isn't just any old dress, it's a freakin' work of art! The Beckerman Madeline dress is a one-shoulder gauze creation in graphic gray-and-black tie-dye, with a drawstring at the necklace and a hanging panel down the front. It's artsy, pretty, glam, and unique, all rolled up into the same package! I can totally see this paired with some rockin' fall boots or stiletto shoes. I absolutely love the cool, innovative design, plus the gorgeous print. Originally $374, it's now on sale at $261.80. Plus, if you spend $250 at, they'll give you $50 off with the code THANKS2U. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for such an awesome dress!

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