Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter pink






(J.Crew shirt, J.Crew pink chinos, Dolce Vita shoes, vintage belt)

Lately, I've been slumming about in these baggy pale pink chinos from J.Crew, which are way too comfortable for my own good! I love having occasions to dress up; I'm always that girl at the party who's overdressed compared to everyone else. But there are those rare times, especially when I'm stressed or down on my luck, when style goes to the back burner because I just want to take it easy. So on Easter Sunday, I made a little effort to dress up the chinos with a ruffled shirt and my latest shoe acquisition, these Dolce Vita beauties in brown. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and a great weekend!


jamie clare said...

i am loving your blog and your extensive strappy shoe collection SO much. also we coincidentally used the word 'acquisition' in our latest posts.

let's be friends! haha =]

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Good morning, Tiffany!

I always enjoy to see you jumping in a picture ;)

Your vintage belt looks so great with your lace-up shoes... and that nail polish... ROCK!!!

Have a sunny day!

craM said...

I hope you're not stressed or feeling down* You're the life of the party at the office! Again, I'm so lucky to get to see your clothes and shoes in person.

*Gossip Girl withdrawals?

The Haute-Shopper said...

I love the way you dressed up those chinos with the bright ruffled blouse. Those shoes are gorgeous as well. Great jump shot! I tend to jump in pics occasionally (to make myself look like I'm flying.. haha), but yours look so much more artsy. I know what you mean about dressing down though. I get lazy and stressed and pay less attention to fashion, but normally I love an occasion to wear nice clothes.

jamie clare said...

oh my, thank you so much! i am completely adding you back. =]]]

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

You look like you're floating in that first pic. I love orange--don't wear it enough though.

Patty said...

i have that SAME top in grey/silver!!! YAY US! i wanted it in that wonderful color you have on, but the jcrew i went to didn't have it! =( i love this outfit!

Brook and Lyn said...

You are the complete opposite of me when it comes to much energy and spunk! I love it.

Gerri Ward said...

Happy Easter !!!
Everything is in sync with your signature style of elegance and your own secret ingredient of fashion. I luv this outfit, the amazing color of the shirt and the ruffles solely dress up the chinos. I luv Dolce Vita these are incredibly chic and you wear them sooo well. As always another great outfit!!!!