Sunday, March 15, 2009









(Coincidence & Chance skirt, DKNY silk tank, Elizabeth Wahyu necklace, A|X belt, Guess shoes, Zara equestrian blazer)

It's funny to think that I used to be teased for the way I dressed. At a young age, I had a distinct idea of how I wanted to look and and would come to elementary school in my favorite printed sundresses or bright flouncy skirts. Looking back, with all the girls wearing Converse high tops and Gap denim shorts, I probably looked overdressed for the fourth grade. I remember being taunted everyday by one particular bully (I guess you'd call her a "frenemy" nowadays), who would always sneer and say, "Like seriously, Tiffany? You need a new wardrobe." Back then, I'd come home and cry to my mom, who played--and still does play--a great role in my love of fashion and dressing up. Fifteen years later, I'm still overdressed among most of my groups of friends... except now, I really don't care!


Tamster said...

same here! in highschool my choice of fashion was incredibly overdressed and absolutely ridiculous. my fave comment to this day is "tammy looks good in ugly clothes" hahah.

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Nice dressing.

Smoked Off Face at the Willingdon Crescent in Jamnagar
Birdhouses, Birdfeeders, Birdbath

Anonymous said...

Many fashionable people tend to overdress IMO….which is a good thing. It just means we put more time and thought into what we wear!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I'd rather be overdressed than underdressed ANY DAY. For years, I had fellow teachers who would wonder why I bothered wearing what I did to school. They couldn't get it--their attitude was, "Why bother? It's school, not the opera." My philosophy was that my job is important and therefore deserves that attention to detail. Kids appreciated that.

I love the look with the blazer, and that background shot (the pink striped wall) is killer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany,

How are you doing? I hope all is going well with you. Email me at Hope to hear from you!


wrennybird said...

I can only be supportive of your "over dressing". I always feel that way among my friends. But why would you not want to look as good as you can every day?

adele said...

oo i like ur pink silk tank, reminds me of alexander wang which i love love, haha

Taylor said...

LOVE those shoes!!

Patty said...

o.m.g. you don't even want me to go into all the fashion no-no's i did in jr. high and h.s. i shudder and will vehemently deny any direct accusation of the fashion horrors. but anyways, i LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit here! =) i'm hearting the skirt and most definitly the cute top! and you always look super cute! sigh. too bad i can't go too much outside the box here at work. i think people would have a heartattack here if i even so much as thought of putting the shoes you're wearing on here. darn the conservatives!! ahah

Gerri Ward said...

You were born with not just STYLE but Fabulous Elegant Style with a touch of an edge that makes it your Signature Style! Sooo in high school you must've been fabulously chic !!!
I luv this outfit, where do I begin, I don't know, everything aboutit is sooo is You - just fab!!! I luv the Pink and Black together - such style you have!!!!

Twin said...

First of all, pink looks fantastic on you!!!!...Second, how do you always manage to look cute, sexy/chic yet down to earth every single time??!