Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sister, sister


(top borrowed from sister, Isharya earrings)

My sister and I have vastly different style aesthetics, and there have been many times when we look at each other and are just baffled by the other's fashion choices. But every so often, I'll take a peek at her closet and find a really beautiful piece that just stands so well on its own. For example, I covet this brilliant silk top she purchased from a boutique in Indonesia. I love the red color--admittedly, I love the entire color spectrum but red is my favorite--and the jeweled embellishments and pleated collar detail. So of course, I snuck it out of my sister's closet to wear a few times before returning it. I'm thinking of toning down the girliness with my ripped jeans and pirate boots, and maybe just keeping this top for myself forever!


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

What a beautiful top. I wish I had a sister to steal from!!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Oh yes.... I can totally understand.
It was such a pleasure to read your entry about your sister ;)
I´m also very close to my sister and sometimes we borrow each other some items although we have so different styles!!!

Gerri Ward said...

Wow! What a flattering and elegant top! It is sweetly adorned with such irresistable embellishments that deliver a flirty dose of softness. No wonder you may keep it forever. It's lovely on you !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm always borrowing things from my sister as well...and we also have very different styles. It's funny how sisters turn out that way! I love the top...the black sparkly embellishments are a beautiful touch and it's truly a unique piece!

Anonymous said...

When I was younger I use to steal things from my two older sister's closets all the time. But now just like you we have such different tastes it's not possible. I love the gems on the top, pretty cool!

The rantings of a shilly shallying itinerant said...

I love the way the messy bun looks with your top! I think the strands brushing off your shoulders give the top an even more feminine and sexy vibe. LOVE IT! My virgo aesthetic tastes are totally drawn to you.