Monday, January 12, 2009

Alex & Chloe wedding bands

On Saturday, I attended an event at the Revolve store in West Hollywood. The party was to celebrate the debut of Alex & Chloe's exclusive wedding rings for Revolve--14-karat gold bands with inverted diamonds. Plus, the store had a big display of Alex & Chloe accessories on sale that evening, so of course I perused the collection. I was hooked by a necklace called Chloe's Swords, a pair of swords made of gold mirror acrylic that should add a funky, unique twist to a simple outfit. One woman working the event was wearing these gorgeous Alex & Chloe sterling silver triangle earrings, and offered to let me purchase them on the spot (since they're brand new and the only ones available) but I'm glad I held off because I just spotted this cute pair of hexagon hoop earrings on the website!


adele said...

im a big fan of revolve but have never attended any of their store events, let me know if u r going next time :)

Brook and Lyn said...

Those swords necklace is very cute. The gold is my favorite.

You live in LA! I know as a new yorker I'm not suppose to hate it but I was in LA last fall for about a month while my husband was working there and just loved it. It was the prefect temperature pretty much all the time. I had a lot of time to myself so I shopped pretty much nonstop. Everything I loved was on sale and always plenty left in my size (esp Opening Ceremony and Creatures of Comfort!). I don't drive so it would be impossible to live there but I would not mind another long term visit. I'm blabbing but I miss LA and so very jealous that you live there!