Saturday, June 28, 2008

Elementary school nostalgia: BFF necklaces

My best friend from elementary school and I used to wear those best friend heart necklaces, cheap pieces of pink plastic jewelry signifying our loyalty as BFFs. Each of us got one half, either "BE FRI" or "ST ENDS." I loved wearing mine; it remained a comforting and tangible expression of our friendship as we grew up and went on to different schools. Those necklaces are long gone (I suspect my mother of throwing mine out) and though my friend and I are now separated by geography, we still have intermittent contact and remain in touch. That's why I immediately thought of her when I saw these rather grown up Best Fuckin' Friends necklaces in brass (made by In God We Trust). Hand hammered and engraved in pretty cursive, these necklaces are a sassy reminder of that nostalgic piece of elementary school jewelry. Now that we're adults, it doesn't stand for best friends forever...but you can remind your BFF that she's your best fuckin' friend with a necklace in silver or brass.

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