Friday, June 27, 2008

Designer Spotlight: Iosselliani Jewelry

Iosselliani jewelry has, for a long time, registered on the radar of those in the fashion biz. The creation of Italian designer Paolo Giacomelli, the line is often featured on models in magazine photo shoots, which is how I first took notice of the brand. While the pieces are decidedly delicate, the heads of serpents, dogs, and panthers give the jewelry a tougher edge. Semi-precious gems and metals are blended together to create edgy, ornate pieces of jewelry. The designer is fond of layered necklaces and statement rings. Some of my favorites include the single earring with a catlike head and ruby eyes, the stack of five bracelets including one serpent head, a glittering panther ring, and a tangled necklace starring rubies, garnets, and zircons.

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