Thursday, May 22, 2008

Young, Broke, and Fabulous Striped Dress

This Young, Broke, and Fabulous flirty striped dress with ruffled hem and dropped waist tie instantly reminded me of Japanese fashion. When I lived in Japan, this kind of dress is exactly what so many young Japanese girls would wear and what trendy stores like Cecil McBee carried. Japanese style isn't for everyone, but I always enjoyed seeing the girls pushing the limits of fashion and going totally over the top! I can see a Japanese girl pairing this dress with sky-high heels, leggings, long curly hair, and crazy accessories.

For the States, I'd tone down the effect and keep it simple. I think this super comfortable dress (it's a luxurious blend of cotton and cashmere) would mesh well with skinny jeans (try a stretchy pair by Cheap Monday) and vibrant shoes for an unexpected pop of color (these L.A.M.B. platforms come to mind!). With that kind of ensemble, you'll definitely look young and fabulous--just not necessarily broke!

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