Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The hamburglar


(Loaned New York Couture skirt & necklace, Kelsi Dagger shoes, F21 tights, Zara shirt)






Photos by Catharine Acurso.

Thanks to my job, I often stumble upon amazing designers that I otherwise may not have discovered. Such was the case with Cassie Kogler of New York Couture. The lovely Cassie sent me several pieces for a photo shoot, and this hamburger skirt (with pockets!) was my favorite of them all. My first instinct was to try it on - immediately. The skirt, and its accompanying glittery burger necklace, attracted stares on the street and plenty of "Can I get ketchup with that?" calls, but I've never been happier wearing my food, instead of eating it!


Iris said...

i LOVE this! so cute! i wish i had a hamburger skirt :)

Lauren said...

Loving that skirt!

I'm really kind of hamburgers biggest fan! I love hole in the wall places and the Big Mac may or may not have my heart.

- Lauren Flores

Chatón said...

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Today Fashion said...

Interesting dress!! I'd love to have a chance to wear it.

Fashion Date said...

You look gorgeous – love that dress!