Monday, August 2, 2010

YOUTHskin/care: My at-home spa experience

(Photo courtesy of YOUTHskin/care)

One of my biggest guilty pleasures is enjoying a bath at the end of a tough week, complete with flickering candles and a really good book. So when Mike Gyulai sent me samples from his new natural beauty brand YOUTHskin/care (created with his good friend Kendra Marie Studdert), I couldn't wait to try them out! At the moment, YOUTHskin/care carries three products with a straightforward message - no confusing chemical components but just simple, high quality, natural ingredients for youthful and beautiful skin:

1. The lavender epsom/dead sea salt body soak draws out your body's toxins and melts away all your aches and pains. Perfect for de-stressing.
2. I fell in love with the sugar/jojoba oil body scrub, a wonderfully exfoliating scrub with an intense Italian blood orange scent. After a quick rub, my skin seriously felt like butter and smelled deliciously refreshing and citrusy.
3. The organic bergamot body wash, which hydrates and soothes the skin, was pure bliss. I felt so pampered after the whole experience; it was as if I'd just bought myself a spa treatment!

To top it all off, I happen to love detail-oriented brands that pay attention to packaging. YOUTHskin/care's sleek, amber bottles and modern black-and-white labels completely mesh with my personal style aesthetic (and look very nice lined up on the side of my bathtub). Apparently, their sophisticated packaging is also designed to help preserve ingredients from sunlight oxidation and deterioration. Functional and stylish? You can't get more beautiful than that.

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fashion junkie said...

I totally agree with you... Lovely post. I'm new to your blog, and it's fabulous.