Tuesday, November 10, 2009

America's Most Stylish Blogger Week #3: The mini skirt

(All photographs by the amazingly talented John Erick Pabalan)

No color really speaks to me more than a lovely shade of pink. There's something so fun and deliciously girly about it, so I was delighted to find that Bluefly.com had sent over a Necessary Objects mini pencil skirt in just that color!

I scoured my closet for pieces that would balance out the va-va-voom vibe of the fitted, slip-on skirt. To put a modern twist on a classic look, I first chose a feminine cream blouse with a few cascading ruffles, then a short-sleeve collarless jacket with large gold buttons. Accessories, like black pointelle tights, simple lace-up oxford heels and an embellished cuff, completed the outfit.

I wanted to portray a look that was polished enough for work at a hip, young office, yet still downtown chic for grabbing after hours drinks with a friend. As any urban professional will tell you, comfortable pieces that can make a seamless transition from day to night are treasured finds! This Necessary Objects mini skirt, made of a soft stretchy poly knit, is definitely one of them and should be a staple in any working girl’s wardrobe.

Please visit StyleList.com and Bluefly.com to vote for this outfit on America’s Most Stylish Blogger! To all my wonderful readers and friends who have shown me so much support, I can't thank you enough and love every single one of you!


The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi Miss Jumping Beautiful Tiffany!
How are you doing today?

Another jumping-beautiful post :)
Your short sleeve jacket with the gold buttons is so stunning with your white ruffled blouse and your "va-va-voom" pink skirt.
I remember you love pink ;)

Happy sunny day!!!!

Alia said...


i love the jumping pic haha you jumped near stairs i would have been scared to land wrong and fall lola

marC said...

It was an honor to be present at this shoot. I think something should be said about how you WRITE your blog, too. Your descriptions take the reader into your mindset and make us understand how you put these wonderful outfits together. So, kudos to your fashion AND writing style :)

Melissa said...

i really love how you put this outfit together, love the blog too

following you :)
visit mine sometime

Diane said...

i love love love this look! i would have styled it exactly the same

Friend in Fashion said...

Luuurrrvvee the mini with the tights + boots - you've nailed it! :)

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Zhcsyra hp said...

well dear je adore ur amazing style,awesome skirt,adorable blouse ,cool tights and fabulous shoes <3333

Lainey said...

That skirt is absolutely gorgeous! I'm a sucker for anything pink.

toopoorforcouture said...

This is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Ooh this is my favourite outfit from this week. I am going to try to figure out how to vote, and vote vote vote for little miss Tiffany!

Anonymous said...

Ok, it's done. (: I really like that shirt you're wearing, I've been trying to find something similar for a while now, but no luck yet.

simplychic said...

you got my vote :)


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@Parmie said...

Loving this outfit on you! Great colors and every piece goes so well together xoxo